Officers and Officials 2023 – 2024


Patron: John Elley
President: Neil Johnstone                    Vice President: Brian Smith
The Executive Committee: Brian Smith (Chairperson), Neil Johnstone, Lesley Campbell, Erin Hyde, Jan Shirley, Michael Stewart, Fiona Frew, Joyce McKinnel, Brendon Day
Secretary: Lesley Campbell, Mary Ann Johnstone, Jan Shirley
Treasurer: Lesley Campbell
Budget and Finance: Lesley Campbell (Convenor), Jan Shirley
Club Captain: Jamie Wagner
Greenkeeper: tbc               Greens’ Superintendent: Don Baker
Administration: Lesley Campbell, Neil Johnstone, Mary Ann Johnstone, Jan Shirley
Membership: Neil Johnstone, Lesley Campbell
Catering: Jenny Brown, Pam Rowley
Corporate Events/Venue Hire: Jamie Wagner, James D’Arcy
Buildings/Facilities/ Maintenance: Don Baker, Tim Sandrey, Bob Colthart, Kurt Geiger, Brendon Day
Bar Manager: Jamie Wagner
School Bowls: James D’Arcy,
Health and Safety: Fiona Frew
Grounds/Gardens: John Irving (convenor), Peter Duke, Neville Greenslade, Pam Rowley
Marketing/Sponsorship: Jamie Wagner, Tim Sandrey
Newsletters: Neil Johnstone
Privacy Officer: Chris Littlewood
Legal: Neil Johnstone, Chris Littlewood
Match Committee: Men: Paul McKinnel   Women:   Kim Rowlands   Nylla Tamati   Under 5s:  Jamie Wagner, Dale Johnstone
Coaching: Pam Rowley (co-ordinator), Bev Morel, Brian Lyttle, Emily Belton
Selectors: Men: Brian Lyttle, Brian Smith, Paul McKinnel.   Women: Jan Shirley, Tania Woodham, Pam Nicholson (A/C only)   O60s: Ken and Pam Nicholson   Under 5s: Jamie Wagner, Dale Johnstone
Social: Fiona Frew (convenor), Pam Phair, Ray Hooper
Edwards Cup: Brian Smith, Brian Lyttle
Tuesday Friendlies: Kevin White, John Irving
Club Days: Jenny Brown (convenor), Kurt Geiger, Shirley Herd, Neville Greenslade
Website: Murray Scott
Recorders: Murray Scott, Mary Ann Johnstone
Tournament Committee: Jim Stenhouse (convenor), Tim Sandrey, Kurt Geiger, Brendon Day
Winter Indoor Bowls: Kurt Geiger (convenor), Neville Greenslade, Shirley Herd
Bowls Canterbury Representative: Neil Johnstone
Life Members: Alison Bigg, Don. Baker, Ann de Lambert, Mary Ann Johnstone, Murray Scott, Mick Tarling, David Vujcich, Graham Wells, Tim Sandrey