21 – 2 – 24
Next week (week 3 0f 6) we need helpers please for the following sessions with St. Andrews:

Monday 26th February
10.50 – 12.30 p.m. (2 large senior classes) – 2 helpers
Tuesday 27th February
8.45 – 9.30 a.m –  2 helpers          11.45 – 12.30 p.m. – 2 helpers
Wednesday 28th February
1.40 – 2.25 p.m. – 2 helpers
Thursday 29th February
1.30  – 2.15 p.m. – 2 helpers          2.35 – 3.20 p.m. – 2 helpers
Many thanks
Mary Ann
20 – 2 – 24
This coming Friday, there will be NO Club night at our Club because there is a very large function (Harcourts) which has requested full access to our facilities.   Instead, the bar will be open from 4.00 p.m. on Saturday and we hope that members may stay on for our Bingo night at 5.30 p.m.
Neil Johnstone
1 – 2 – 24

Club members are reminded that the Smoking/Vaping areas are as follows:
1.  On No.1 green, the specifically designated areas are the two far corners and the one area on the Heaton Intermediate boundary.
2.  On No.2  green, in the area behind the shelters on the east side of the complex.
Smoking/Vaping is not permitted at any other part of the premises and this very much includes any part of our pavilion, including the outside seating areas and, of course, the greens themselves.
Could those running functions/welcoming clubs please ensure that those visiting or from other clubs are told of these requirements and comply with them.
Club members are alerted to the very strict Bowls Canterbury restrictions around smoking/vaping in the Bowls Canterbury Interclub and Open events, irrespective of club policy.   See p48 of the Centre handbook
22 – 1 – 24
We are delighted to let you know that Erin has had a gorgeous baby girl, Florence, weighing 8lbs.    Congratulations to Erin and Doug. Mother and baby both well.
10 – 1 – 23
If you want to book a green/rink for a game, please, at the present time, phone Don Baker our greens’ superintendent. Don has asked that members take great care with both greens (Green No 2 up and running very soon, thanks to Don, Steve Street and others) and to avoid dumping. Please ensure that you are not playing on one of our greens if the heat is such that there is risk of damage. Also, to follow the instructions on the green as to what rinks are able to be used and which way to play.
Green No 1 will be out of action for approximately a month from early next week to enable work to be done on it.  This will coincide with Green No 2 becoming available.

2 – 1 – 24
As club members know, Erin is now on maternity leave from her employment with the Elmwood Club. She has obviously also had to relinquish her position as secretary/administrator of our bowling club and the executive committee has resolved that Lesley Campbell would take on that role, with the help of Mary Ann Johnstone and Jan Shirley.
Please, therefore, do not contact Erin by phone or otherwise but instead contact Lesley, Mary Ann or Jan

The James Egan Triples scheduled for Saturday January 6th has been rescheduled by the tournament committee to later in the season, given a number of factors including Bowls Nationals commitments of players/organisers.
If you are involved in any of the club championships, please help our match committee by being proactive in getting your games organised and played as soon as possible.
18 – 12 – 23
Notice is given of a special meeting to be held at our clubrooms on 25 January 2024 at 5.30pm of two resolutions:
* to amend EPBC’s constitution, in terms of the attached document, to enable the Donald Place Investment Fund to be established and a minor change updating the references to the privacy legislation; and
*to make Don Baker and Murray Scott life members in recognition of their outstanding service to the club.
All the executive support the resolutions.

Donald Place Investment Fund
The new clubrooms, the sowing of the number 1 green, and the re-sowing of the number 2 green were financed by using all the funds accumulated by EPBC prior to the merger with St Albans-Merivale Bowling Club and most of the money paid on account of the sale price of Donald Place ($3.5 million). In March next year, we will be receiving the balance of the purchase price of $10 million, that is $6.5 million.
The investment fund of $6 million will ensure our club has a sound financial footing and implements the intent of the merger agreement with St Albans-Merivale Bowling Club. The fund will be kept apart from other club funds and assets.
The constitution changes ensure also the investment fund is kept intact, and its real value preserved, having regard to inflation. The executive has the power to spend each year on club’s activities half of the income the fund earnt in the previous year. The club in general meeting may resolve to spend a greater sum. At present rates of interest, the fund will earn at least $300,000 per annum, and so the executive will have about $150,000 to spend from the fund, which, with subscriptions and other fund-raising activities, means the executive will have sufficient money for our present and future activities. We cannot survive just on our subscriptions.
Paid-up full members, life members, student members and honorary members are entitled to voteTo vote, you must be present. For a quorum, 25 per cent of our paid-up full members must be present, that’s 25 full members. Both require a 75 per cent majority.
The passing of the fund resolutions is critical to ensure our future.  I urge members entitled to vote to come to the SGM on 25 January 2024 at 5.30pm, EPBC clubrooms.
Erin Hyde
Message From The President.
Welcome to the 2023/2024 Bowling Season. I consider it a real privilege to be appointed as the President of the Elmwood Park Bowling Club.

The coming season is one to look forward to with our fabulous new clubhouse, surrounds and green. Thanks to all of those who worked tirelessly over a number of years to make this all happen.
Last season was another great season for the club with a number of teams and individuals achieving major success. Well done to all concerned.
Welcome to our new greenkeeper, Tom Tamati, who will be working closely with our previous greenkeeper, Don Baker, who has become greens’ superintendent. Thank you so much to Don for the superb greens he has produced over the last few years. Please give Tom (and Don) all your support.
Welcome to new executive members Mike Stewart, Joyce McKinnel and Brendan Day, and thanks to John Irving and Dale Johnstone retiring executive members. Our present executive is very hard-working and I ask club members to support them and, indeed, to support all others who hold significant positions in the club, including our new club captain, Jamie Wagner.
Our club relies on the superb work of volunteers who continue to work hard in so many ways, much of which is behind the scenes. Your work is invaluable, and I thank you so much.
I am delighted to see a considerable number of new members in the club.
Please do all you can to make them welcome.
To everyone, my best wishes for a very enjoyable bowling season.
   Neil Johnstone


21 – 2 – 22
There is a  defibrillator at the new clubrooms. We would like everyone to get some familiarity with it, before they may need to use it one day.
It is so so so easy, take it out of the cabinet, open it, turn it on, it will talk to you!

  1. The sign on the cabinet that says the “alarm will sound” is NOT TRUE – no alarm will sound if you open the cabinet and take the defib out.
  2. Unzip the container and turn it on – button No. 1
  3. It will now start telling you what to do – very very simple.

Because you won’t be able to actually place the defib. pads on to someone while exploring, the machine will not go any further with the instructions but, it would if the pads were on.  Do not worry – you cannot do anything wrong.  It will not shock someone unless it detects a ‘shockable rhythm’.  It is completely fool proof.

So – have a look.  At least then you won’t hesitate to take it out of the cabinet if it’s needed.  Turn it off when you have finished though, we don’t want the batteries to run out!

Fiona Frew