Saturday 6.00 July 20

Come along and try your luck. Bring friends and family.
20 Houses.     Cash prizes.     Super House.     Pizzas at half time.   General laughs all round.
$20 pp         Door sales
2 bingo cards, pizza, dobber & cash prizes.
Extra bingo cards   $3


14 – 6 – 24

The work has started on the upgrade of the N0. 2 green.
The contractors are using machinery in the area and have asked that our members NOT visit the site when the work is being carried out for health and safety requirements.
I have been given the company’s ‘Health and Safety’ policy to study, some seven pages long, and they don’t want anyone there who should not be there.
If you need to enter the site, please contact either Kelvin or myself to arrange.
Thanks for your attention in this matter.
Tim Sandrey.

Notice is hereby given that the 6th Annual General Meeting will be held at Heaton Street on Sunday 30 June 2024 at 10.00 a.m.
1. Welcome (life members, new members)
2. Apologies
3. Mark of Respect a minute silence
4. Confirmation of previous minutes
5. Matters Arising from previous minutes and accounts
6. Receive the Executive’s Report for the year 2023 – 24
7  Receive the Financial Reports for the year 2023 – 24 including 2024 – 25 Budget
8. Receive the Auditor’s Report
9. Appointment of Auditor: Mandy Hubbard
10. Election of Officers for the season 2024 – 25
11. Subscription
Nominations received:
Gonfirmation of Patron: Mick Tarling
President: Neil Johnstone          Vice President: Brian Smith
Joyce McKinnel   Fiona Frew   Michael Stewart   Don Baker   Tim Sandrey
12. General Business

29 – 4 – 24
Take care when using the entrance to the club.
The break glass is only to be used in an EMERGENCY. Please use the “Press to Exit” only.



Indoor Bowls.
Kurt Geiger has let the club know that indoor bowls begins again at the Papanui Bowling Club on Monday 13th May at 1.00 p.m. If you want to play, just turn up no later than 12.45 p.m. with your bowls.
Thanks, Kurt, for arranging this and for taking responsibility again for the Indoor Bowls.
9 – 4 – 24
As you may or may not be aware, since February 2024, the breweries have substantially increased all pricing across their product range, fluctuating between 5% and 8%.
In light of price increases from the brewery and other liquor outlets, the Executive has resolved to:
1.  Absorb all existing price rises through until 30th April 2024
2.  Effective, Wednesday 1st May 2024, the price at the till for most beverage products shall increase, ranging between 6% to 10%.
Although decisions like this are never popular, our prices have not increased for a number of reasons.

Sunday June 29 @  EP.
25 – 3 – 24
As required by our constitution, a notice calling for nominations for the executive committee for 2024/25 (President, Vice-President and 5 other elected members) has now been displayed on our club notice board.
Every candidate is required to be a full member of the club for at least one playing season and must be nominated in writing by two full members of the club, while each such nomination must be signed (as evidence of consent) by the candidate in order to be valid.
The A.G.M. will be held on June 30.
1 – 2 – 24

Club members are reminded that the Smoking/Vaping areas are as follows:
1.  On No.1 green, the specifically designated areas are the two far corners and the one area on the Heaton Intermediate boundary.
2.  On No.2  green, in the area behind the shelters on the east side of the complex.
Smoking/Vaping is not permitted at any other part of the premises and this very much includes any part of our pavilion, including the outside seating areas and, of course, the greens themselves.
Could those running functions/welcoming clubs please ensure that those visiting or from other clubs are told of these requirements and comply with them.
Club members are alerted to the very strict Bowls Canterbury restrictions around smoking/vaping in the Bowls Canterbury Interclub and Open events, irrespective of club policy.   See p48 of the Centre handbook


21 – 2 – 22
There is a  defibrillator at the new clubrooms. We would like everyone to get some familiarity with it, before they may need to use it one day.
It is so so so easy, take it out of the cabinet, open it, turn it on, it will talk to you!

  1. The sign on the cabinet that says the “alarm will sound” is NOT TRUE – no alarm will sound if you open the cabinet and take the defib out.
  2. Unzip the container and turn it on – button No. 1
  3. It will now start telling you what to do – very very simple.

Because you won’t be able to actually place the defib. pads on to someone while exploring, the machine will not go any further with the instructions but, it would if the pads were on.  Do not worry – you cannot do anything wrong.  It will not shock someone unless it detects a ‘shockable rhythm’.  It is completely fool proof.

So – have a look.  At least then you won’t hesitate to take it out of the cabinet if it’s needed.  Turn it off when you have finished though, we don’t want the batteries to run out!

Fiona Frew