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  • The St. Albans-Merivale Bowing Club and the Elmwood Bowling Club have amalgamated. For the next period of time there will be one club but both greens will be utilized.
  • Both greens are reasonably close to the city centre.
  • Elmwood Park provides for competitive, friendly and social bowls in a variety of ways, while community and corporate bowling events take place on a regular basis.
  • Elmwood Park produces good playing surfaces, is able to host highly successful tournaments, is keen to develop younger bowlers and has a strong volunteer base to support the clubs’ successes.
  • The non competitive bowler is, however, looked after very well within the club.
  • There are excellent playing facilities that promote lawn bowling at its best.
  • There are members providing free bowls coaching.
  • Friday social evenings occur at Donald Place, 4.00, and Heaton Street, 5.00.
  • The newly formed amalgamated club will be a member of The Elmwood Club, an umbrella organisation for a large number of other sporting clubs. This provides major benefits for the pooling of resources and minimises the duplication of roles.

Greens’ Status.

Heaton Street:   Open 

Donald Place:   Open

Bars open.
* Heaton St. Closed 
* Fri. 3.30 Donald Pl. 

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