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The St. Albans-Merivale Bowing Club and the Elmwood Bowling Club have amalgamated. For the next period of time there was one club but both greens were utilized. The next significant event was be the completion of the new complex at Heaton Street in May, 2023.
This has now occurred and we are housed in our wonderful new clubrooms.
Elmwood Park’s greens are reasonably close to the city centre.
Elmwood Park provides for competitive, friendly and social bowls in a variety of ways, while community and corporate bowling events take place on a regular basis.
Elmwood Park produces good playing surfaces, is able to host highly successful tournaments, is keen to develop younger bowlers and has a strong volunteer base to support the club’s successes. The non competitive bowler is, however, looked after very well within the club.
There are members providing free bowls coaching.
At present Friday social evenings occur at Heaton, 4.00.