Primary League

Back in Time

May 1949.
Recommendations passed at St. Albans AGM May, 1949.
Annual subscription £3 reducible to £2.10.0 if paid by Dec. 1
* Maximum members be 32.
* Play on greens Monday to Saturday subject to the decision of the executive on the availability of the greens.
* No voting rights.
* Form their own committee to control games and arrange matches.

Seventeen Years Ago.
May 2005
At the Bowls Canterbury Awards Dinner Stephen Ditfort and May Ann Johnstone were presented with gold stars, 5 titles, and Bev Morel a 4th bar after winning her 25th title.

Eleven Years Ago.
2 – 5 – 11
The St. Albans-Merivale Bowling Club was delighted to welcome Merivale Curves to its premises over the winter months.
It was a win win situation for both parties, Curves had an available space and St. Albans-Merivale Bowling Club gained some revenue.
It did mean that indoor bowls didn’t take place but several club members made use of the  Papanui Bowling Club’s facilities to continue their winter sessions.

15 – 5 – 11
The Canterbury rugby referees joined us for drinks on Saturday evenings commencing May 21 at 5.00. Also they had meetings every two weeks for instructional purposes. Their “home” in AMI Stadium was unavailable.
The St. Albans-Merivale Bowling Club was delighted to welcome them.

Ten Years Ago.
2 – 5 – 12
Bowls Canterbury presented proposals to interested persons from all clubs at three meetings during the week. It was important that members of club match committees attended.
That there needs to be a preparedness to accept change is critical for our sport of bowls to survive. Clubs must offer game formats that are appealing for their customers.
The outcome that Bowls New Zealand is seeking is that all clubs are to aim for participation growth and members playing more often.
There were three meetings held during the week where club members all had the opportunity to have their say.
It is a time of change changes may well occur, the opportunity was there to have a say and make suggestions. There was no point complaining about outcomes if you failed to put an opinion forward.


15 – 5 – 12
Mt. Pleasant Bowling Club (Inc) has advised that their club has officially merged with Redcliffs Bowling Club and will now be known as Redcliffs Mount Pleasant Bowling Club.

13 – 5 – 14

All Club members were invited to attend any of the 4 playing programme roadshows. Adrian Robins Bowls Canterbury CEO presented the new 2014-2015 playing programme.
Bowls Canterbury CEO Adrian Robins addressed members in a series of meetings bowlers had the opportunity to discuss the programme and provide feedback.

Four  Years Ago.
4 – 5 – 18


Champion of champion pairs winners Lois Grey and Lynne Brown.



17 – 5 – 18
The first AGM of the Elmwood Park Bowling Club was held.
Pam Phair was elected president and a new committee was elected.
Most interesting was a suggested proposal from Barry Milner that Donald place could be the venue for the new proposed indoor venture. More developments to come!!!!!

Erin taking the minutes.



Three Years Ago.
14 – 5 – 19
Elmwood Park has received notification that as from the 20 May Nurse Maude has withdrawn permission for bowlers to park on their property. Hence the gate into their  property at Donald Place will be permanently locked from the 20th may and the key removed.

25 -5 – 19
At the recently held Bowls Canterbury Awards Dinner. Elmwood Park was well represented and was a finalist in the Club of the Year. Congratulations to New Brighton who won that award.
Even a 45 minute power cut didn’t dampen spirits.
On top of the awards that were expected, i.e. champion of champion and Centre titles, there were some additional ones as well.
Rodney Greaney – Most consistent male bowler of the year
Fiona Frew and Chris Kibblewhite. Most consistent female bowler of the year. [shared.]
Chris Kibblewhite also received Noel’s Bowls Senior Women Representative.
Pam Phair received her second gold star, 10th Centre title.
John Mears received a bronze star for 5 0ver 60s titles.


11 – 5 – 20 & 13 – 5 – 20
Both the Monday and Wednesday afternoon sessions of indoor bowls to be held at the Papanui Club were informed by the club that due to covid 19 there would be no bowls to be held.

14 – 5 – 20
Level 2 is here.
Although we are not playing bowls at present, if we were here are some of the conditions we would be playing under.
All Bowls ‘on green’ activity is limited to singles, pairs and triples, on wide rinks.
No more than six (6) people on a wide (5.0 metre minimum) rink.
No more than 4 people at each end. 1 metre social distancing practiced.
Maintain very high hygiene standards. Wash hands before and after play.
No shaking of hands before or after play.
Clubs must reconfigure their greens to have rinks at least 5.0 metres wide.
This will mean that many greens can only accommodate six (6) rinks.
All players are to ensure that the same player on each team places mats or places/rolls jacks.
Bowls equipment (outside of mats and jacks) cannot be shared between players (e.g. bowls, cloths, measures etc.).
All coaches / umpires / markers should practice physical distancing of 1.0m and not come into contact with bowler’s equipment, unless necessary

22 – 5 – 20 
Level 2 has arrived and club members took the opportunity to have a Friday afternoon drink.

Social distancing at Donald Place.






Members enjoying a catch up at Heaton Street.




25 – 5 – 20
About the future of the Elmwood Park Bowling Club. A decision was made to seek and engage a consultant to help us in our club’s future planning. A lot of things have changed in recent years and particularly in the last 2 months, and we are keen to get a professional opinion to help us make the right future decisions.

4 – 5 – 20
Every year, Bowls New Zealand runs a number of coach development clinics, where foundation and development coaches can learn how to pass lawn bowls skills on to budding bowlers.  They’re normally a day of theory and practice, in the clubhouse and on the green, where a teacher teaches teachers.
If you’d said a year ago … even 6 months ago … that the next coach development course could be held ‘virtually’ … remotely through the computer screen … you’d probably have said that Bowls New Zealand was dreaming.
But the COVID lockdown changed everything.
So to keep the ball rolling (or at least the jacks and lawn bowls rolling), Coach Development Lead, Graeme Rees,  bravely mooted the concept of trying Bowls New Zealand’s first on-line coaching course.
“I think they’re here to stay, despite the reduction to Level 1 lockdown,” says Rees. “Whether they supersede actual face-to-face courses is a different question – after all, we still need to do the practical part of the courses out on the green.”

One Year Ago
2 – 5 – 21
Gary Lawson who won all his games in post section but was disqualified from further participation, the next day, when he did not have a full set of similar bowls. None of his opponents had any problem with it. Seemed a harsh decision.
However on appeal he was allowed to continue. Gary Lawson played in the delayed men’s singles semi final against Richard Hocking, Burnside, who got out to a 6 point lead early in the game. Lawson pegged him back to be ahead 20 – 19 but a single to Hocking had them at 20 – 20. In the final end Hocking held his nerve and outdrew Lawson for a 21 – 20 victory.

Primary League