Basic Club Information

Bowls Canterbury Information Line 351 2225.

Bowls Canterbury Information Line 351 2225.  Call this number if you are playing in interclub competition and are unsure if the green is closed due to inclement weather (from 7.30am). Check the Bowls Canterbury website for more information on inclement weather procedure.

Any member requiring information of any kind about club matters should feel welcome to contact the appropriate person as listed at the front of the book.  If in doubt as to who can best assist, your club captain will advise and guide you. Any problems of a serious nature should be put into writing and forwarded to the Secretary for consideration by the executive.

Club Competitions.  Basic Information.

Closing dates will be displayed on the respective noticeboards and on the website
Championships: singles, pairs, triples, fours and mixed pairs (2/4/2) for men
and women.
U5 Singles: Men and women who have played for no more than 5 years as a member of an affiliated club.
Men and Women 1st & 2nd Year: Men and women who have played for no more than two years as a member of an affiliated club.
Intermediate Singles: Men and women who have not entered the open singles event.
Handicap Singles: Open to all and handicaps will be published at the time of the draw.
Handicap Pairs: Open to all and handicaps will be published at the time of the draw.
James Egan Triples: Drawn teams open to all
President’s Triples: Open to all members. Drawn teams.
Ngaio Marsh Elmwood Park Fours: Drawn fours open to all.
Keith Herbison Trophy: Drawn pairs open to all.
Veteran Pairs: Open to all club members over the age of 70 at the time of entry.
Tom Bell Trophy: Played as triples on Saturday club days.
Gary Seear Trophy: Monday night bowlers vs the Club
Club Days: Fridays and Saturdays – Open to all full and restricted members
​Friday Drawn Triples: 2nd Friday of the month – open to all full and restricted members
Life Members Player of the Year Award: Men
Life Members Player of the Year Award: Women
Points will be awarded from results throughout the season. See criteria below.
 * National open championships (singles, pairs, fours) -Must be a Elmwood Park team, it cannot be a composite team in fours or pairs.          Winner:   100     Runner-up:   50     Third Equal:   25
 * Pathways Championships:          N.Z. Winner:   60     Runner up:   25     Third Equal:   10
 * Canterbury Championships:     singles, pairs, triples, fours, mixed pairs, mixed fours (including champion of champions)     Winner:   25      Runner-up:   10     Third equal:   5
 * Club Champions (singles, pairs, triples, fours)     Winner:   10     Runner-up:   5
 * Club Championships (handicap singles, handicap pairs, Elmwood Park fours, President’s triples, James Egan triples)     Winner:   4     Runner-up:   2

Be Correctly Dressed.
The Laws of Bowls require all players and markers to wear flat-soled (“heel-less”) footwear when they play on the green or act as markers
Full Club uniform – Elmwood Park shirt and black trousers/shorts for men and black trousers/shorts/skirt for women
Mid-week clothing – Elmwood Park shirt and tidy/casual clothing
Saturdays: Full Club uniform to be worn for all club championships, interclub, club days and roll ups
Bowls Canterbury Centre Events: Full club uniform
Events against other clubs (e.g.Elmburn Shield): Full club uniform
Club competition finals: Full club uniform
Edwards Cup/Tuesday Friendlies: Tidy mid-week clothing


Full membership          $275.00
Associate membership          $50.00
Restricted membership          $100.00 These members can participate in social events and designated club days including the present Friday tournament and have roll ups on our greens if they are available. They will not be able to play in any competitions and they have no voting rights.
This membership only enables play on our own greens and there is no right to play on other club’s greens.
Social membership (no levies)     $20.00

Full Membership.   $275.00 Shall be entitled to all the playing and other privileges and advantages of all membership of the club and in particular have the right to hold office in the club and to speak and vote at tl1e club general meetings, and have the right to full or limited use of the Club’s green or greens as determined by the executive committee and as otherwise limited by the Bowls NZ regulations and the Centre regulations. Full members have the right to enter into any applicable bowling competition, tournament or match held by the club or if selected, to represent the club in other competitions, tournament and matches.
Associate Membership.   $50.00 A full member of any other club which is a member of Bowls NZ may apply to become an associate member of the club. Associate members shall entitled to full or limited use of the club’s green or greens as determined by the executive committee and as otherwise limited by the Bowls NZ Regulations and Centre regulations. Associate members shall also be entitled to enter into such bowling competitions, tournaments or matches held by the club as determined by the executive committee but shall not have the right to be selected to represent the club in other competitions, tournaments and matches.     
Limited Membership.   $100.00   These members can participate in social events and club days and have roll ups on our greens if they are available. They will not be able to play in any competitions and they have no voting rights.
Social Membership.   $20.00 Any person who does not wish to enjoy full membership status but wishes to enjoy an ongoing association with the club may become a social member. Social members shall be entitled only to participate in social and pavilion activities and shall have no right to participate in bowling events at or on behalf of the club. However social members may hold office if duly elected or appointed to an official position at the club in accordance with this constitution. Other than as an officeholder, social members shall have no right to speak or vote at the club general meetings.

Preferred method of payment:
Direct credit: Pay to SBS 03 1355 0508756 00. Please include your surname and invoice number as a reference.
No payments will be taken over the bar, alternative options will be communicated for cash and EFTPOS payment.


RUSSELL BRINSDON TROPHY:  [Volunteer of the Year]   L. Campbell 
Winners:   Smillie Turland Trophy:  B. McIntosh   J. Irvine   R. Burtt
Runners-Up:   Lyall McCallum Salver: P. Rowley   S. Herd   L. Foster
Winners:   Ngaio Marsh Trophy: P. Felton   J. Irving   N. Buchanan   P. Smith
Runners-Up:   B. Lyttle   D. Johnstone   D. Kutia   K. White
Winners:   Roy Gay Cup:  Neil Buchanan   Pam Nicholson


Winner:   Tayler Cup:   L. Foster
Runner-Up:   Morton Edgar Cup: R. Burtt
Winner:   Bartlett Memorial Cup: P. Smith
Runner-up:   A. A. Croy Memorial Salver:   M. Wallace
Winner:   Ian Hermansson Trophy: P. Smith
Winner:   Prestney Cup: T. Woodham
Runner-Up:   Owen Jones Cup: B. Morel
Winner:   Sir Heaton Rhodes Memorial Cup:  L. Eathorne
Runner-Up:   Rhys Morgan Memorial Cup:   B. Day
Winners:   Tillman Salver: B. Morel   N. Tamati
Runners-Up:   Noel McGregor Cup:   T. Woodham   C. Buchanan
Winners:   Norrie Memorial Trophy: L. Eathorne   G. McClurg
Joint Runners-Up:   Harry Poole Memorial Trophy: K. Scott   J. R
Winners:   Parkinson Trophy:   B. Morel   N. Tamati   C. Buchanan
Runners-Up:   Rees Cup:   P. Phair   MA Johnstone   J. McKinnel
Winners:   Sandy Laing Memorial Salver:   G. Porter   S. Jury-Jane   B. Burke
Runners-up:   Russ Norris Trophy:   J. Flint   L. Eathorne   I. Rule
Winners:   Miller Rosebowl:   B. Morel   J. Shirley   C. Buchanan   T. Woodham
Runners-Up:   Stuart McIvor Cup:  P. Phair   MA Johnstone   P. Nicholson   E. Belton
Winners:   Bonisch Memorial Cup:  P. McKinnel   L. Eathorne   I. Rule   B. Burke
Runners-Up:   Forrester Tavern Trophy:   B. McIntosh   J. Walcott   A. Wood   J. Chisholm
Winners: P. McKinnel   J. McKinnel
Runners-Up:   R. Hooper   F. Frew

5 Club Titles     J. McKinnel       L. Eathorne

NZ Gold Star Award: 5 national titles.     Award presented by Ann Wright of Bowls NZ.   
1995 National Open F0urs
2004 National Club Championship Pairs
2007 National Open F0urs
2019 National Open Pairs
2022 National Open Pairs

LIFE MEMBERS’ AWARD:          (For points accumulated during the season. For criteria refer to section on Basic Information in Members Only section.)
 Men:   L. Eathorne             Women:   B. Morel
          Canterbury Centre Titles.
Centre Men’s Pairs: L. Eathorne   P. McKinnel
C 0f C Women’s Fours:   B. Morel   K. Rowlands   T. Woodham   C. Buchanan
Men’s Div. 1 Sevens:   Singles: Kelvin Scott     Pairs:  N. Glasson   R. Cook   Fours: P. McKinnel   L. Eathorne   B. Burke   I. Rule   ..

Centre Women’s Fours:   B. Morel   P. Phair   T. Woodham   C. Buchanan
Centre Women’s Pairs: T.  Woodham   C. Buchanan
C of C Women’s Pairs: B. Morel   N. Tamiti
          New Zealand Club Title:
National Sevens. 2024 Bronze Medal
Singles: Kelvin Scott      Pairs: Gary Lawson   Steve Ditfort      Fours: Lance Pascoe   Paul McKinnel   Jonathan Flint   Ricky Cook
          New Zealand  High Performance Squad:
Gary Lawson   Lance Pascoe   Kelvin Scott   E. Belton [coach]
New Zealand Titles:     Gary Lawson   Pairs     J. Shirley   Pairs
          Canterbury Representatives:
Canterbury Southern Quad: Men: Liam Eathorne, Nathan Glasson, Kelvin Scott.   Women: Tania Woodham, Fiona Frew, Jan Shirley, Kim Rowlands, Nylla Tamati
Canterbury for the Super Sixes competition: Women: Jan Shirley, Nylla Tamati, Tania Woodham,  Fiona Frew, Kim Rowlands      Men: Liam Eathorne, Kelvin Scott, Nathan Glasson
New Zealand Selection: Lance Pascoe    Emily Belton [coaching]
Bowls Canterbury Interclub:
Winners:   Women’s premier 7s     AC 2/4s EP2     Women’s 5s[Div 5]     EP2 Men’s double triples     Men’s 3×3 EP1
Runners-up:  Men’s Double Pairs EP1  O60 Fives EP2  O60 Fives EP4  EP1 Men’s double triples  Men’s 3×3 EP2   AC8s EP   AC Pairs  AC [Pre & Post Christmas]      2/4s EP3    AC 2/4s EP1


Learn the laws of the game and if you want to succeed practise as often as you can
and include the rolling of the jack.
Be proud of your club and protect it from gossip.
If you disapprove of some action taken by your committee tell the committee, not the world.
Support your club’s revenue making activities – the benefits will come back to you.