Back in Time. September 15 – 22

These are incidents that have occurred over the years at the St. Albans-Merivale Bowling Club. There will hopefully be some positive memories from these but also the hope that amalgamation with Elmwood will be a successful venture. 17 - 9 - 16 Fine weather and a pretty good green saw 35 club members celebrate opening ... More

Officers and Club Officials 2021 – 2022

OFFICERS AND CLUB OFFICIALS.      2021 - 2022 Season. Patrons:   John Elley, Owen Jones President:   Pete Smith          Vice President:   Brian Smith The Executive Committee:   John Irving, Emily Belton, Tim Sandrey, Mick Tarling, Jamie Wagner, Fiona Frew, Neil Johnstone Secretary:   Erin Hyde B... More

The Latest News.

18 - 9 - 21 Donald Place's turn for a pre season makeover. 17 - 9 - 21 Congratulations to Emily Belton who has been appointed as one of the Bowls Canterbury women's coaches. . . . . . . . 15 - 9 - 21 . . . . President Pete Smith announcing the sale of Donald Place ... More

Coaching. Rules. Etiquette. 21. Thoughts for the Off Season.

Practice makes perfect. Practice sessions develop and build on existing skills. Match play is where those skills will be demonstrated. Quality practice induces and requires high levels of concentration. This will flow on into match performance. Focus attention on developing sound routines until they become automatic. B... More

The Season in Review. 2020 – 21

Representative Honours: New Zealand.      Gary Lawson.[Selected this year, will play December, 2021???] . Town v Country. Senior Men. Town Red: Pairs: Liam Eathorne     Fours: (S) Kelvin Scott    Stephen Ditfort Senior Men. Country: Pairs: (S) Rodney Greaney Senior Women. Town Black: Fours: Fiona Frew Marj... More

Awards Dinner. 1 – 5 – 21

b Club Championships 2020 – 2021:Men’s 1-5 Year Singles:  Barlett Memorial Cup Chris Godman  Runners-up:  AA Croy Memorial Salver Don Pidhirny   Bob ColthardMost Improved 1-5 Year Player:  Ian Hermansson Trophy  Chris Littlewood Women’s Open Singles:  Prestney Cup  Sherrie Cottle          Runner-up:  ... More

Basic Club Information.

Communication Bowls Canterbury Information Line 351 2225.  Call this number if you are playing in interclub competition and are unsure if the green is closed due to inclement weather (from 7.30am). Check the Bowls Canterbury website for more information on inclement weather procedure. Any member requiring information of ... More

The Northwest Hikers

If you feel the need for another great summer [and winter] activity why not try hiking and tramping? Hiking for leisure and pleasure is the aim of this club, the North West Hikers. With many varied hikes and tramps, that suit different levels of fitness, they are able to explore many parts of the greater Christchurch and ... More

Basic Bowling Technique

May I recommend the following 7 minute video. It features Jo Edwards and Shannon McIlroy demonstrating the basic bowling technique – grip, preshot routine, standing on the mat, delivery and follow through. It is well worth viewing multiple times. More