The Season in Review. 2021 – 22.

Bowls New Zealand High Performance Squad: Gary Lawson   Lance Pascoe To prepare for a spot in the NZ team for the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games being held in July and August 2022.
South Island: Gary Lawson   Kelvin Scott   Lance Pascoe   Cancelled due to covid.
Southern Quad: Jan Shirley   Tania Woodham   Fiona Frew  Nathan Glasson   Liam Eathorne

The Nationals Singles and Pairs Jan. 2 – 10, 2022.
Several of our club members took the opportunity of participating in the nationals.

Qualifying Rounds.
Jonathan Flint LWWLLL   Gary Lawson WWWWDNPDNP   Kelvin Scott WWWWDNPDNP  Paul McKinnel WLLWWL  Lance Pascoe WWWWDNPDNP   Ricky Cook WWLWWDNP   Tania Woodham LLLLWL  Bev Morel WWLLLDNP  Angela Boyd WLWWWDNP   Mandy Boyd WLWWWDNP
As Elmwood Park: Jan Shirley & Tania Woodham WLWWWDNP  Mandy & Angela Boyd WWWWDNPDNP
As composites: Paul McKinnel LWL  Kelvin Scott WLWWWW   Lance Pascoe WWWWDNPDNP   Gary Lawson WWWWWDNP   Peter Morel LLLWLDNP   Ricky Cook WWWWLDNP   Jonathan Flint LWLWWL  Fiona Frew LLWLWL   Bev Morel WWWWWDNP   Theresa Woodham LLLLDNPDNP
Post Section. Tuesday.
L. Pascoe L   G. Lawson WWL   K. Scott WWWW   R. Cook L

Singles:   B. Morel WWL   A. & M. Boyd WL   J. Shirley & T. Woodham L


It seemed a pity that clubmates should have to face each other on their way to the final. And this was a game worthy of a final. Superb drawing by Kelvin Scott and ferocious driving by Gary Lawson. A masterclass!!! Scott won 21 – 15.


In what proved to be a gripping final, Kelvin Scott was in devastating draw form in his defeat of Tony Grantham, a former singles champion himself.
A stunning semi-final performance saw Scott defeat Royal Oak’s Mike Galloway.
Brimming with composure, the Elmwood Park campaigner seemingly had a solid game plan to outdraw his opponents, drawing his way through to victory with uncanny accuracy and precision and executing the occasional resting shot when required. A gritty fight back from Grantham in the final kept the game entertaining for the watching crowd. It proved to be Scott’s day, as won game 21-14, some 24 years after collecting his maiden national singles title.

In a commanding display of bowls Sandra Keith and Bev Morel combined to take out the women’s pairs 20 – 8. Racing out to a commanding lead, Keith and Morel continued to pile on the pressure, with Morel leading from the front and controlling proceedings throughout.
Several last gasp efforts from Hendra and Bruce at the latter stages of the game were not enough to deny both Keith and Morel their fourth national open titles respectively, with Keith previously winning the singles in 2012, the pairs in 2013 and the fours in 2020, and Morel combining with Sherrie Cottle in 2018 to win the pairs, alongside two former fours’ victories in 1995 and 2007.

What a proud moment for the Elmwood Park Bowling Club.

Post Section.  Saturday.
Singles:   Angela Boyd WWL  Mandy Boyd WWWW
Pairs:   Gary Lawson WWW   Kelvin Scott WWW   Lance Pascoe WL  Ricki Cook L

Post Section.  Sunday.

Mandy Boyd lost her semi final to Clare Hendra  12 – 21.
It was a case of deja vu when Kelvin Scott and Gary Lawson met in the semi final of the pairs, this time it was Lawson who triumphed.
In the final Lawson went down 11 – 19, a final scoreline suggesting a comfortable victory: but for the vast majority of the match it certainly wasn’t. The first half belonged to Lawson and Grantham but Kelly and Curtin really bowled well in the final ends. Curtin led well and Kelly produced some really superb draw shots.

The Nationals Fours and Mixed Pairs Feb. 24 – Mar 3, 2022.
The national fours and mixed pairs were to be in Taranaki, the fours from February 24 – 27 and the mixed pairs from February 28 – March 3.

Elmwood Park has some representatives partaking and we wished them the best of luck.
Fours: Gary Lawson, Kelvin Scott and Lance Pascoe, Mandy Boyd and Angela Boyd
Mixed Pairs: Mandy Boyd and Lance Pascoe.
Sadly covid put an end to that.

Club Championships.
Women’s Fours:
Bev Morel, Jan Shirley, Fiona Frew and Tania Woodham.
Men’s Fours:
Nathan Glasson, Kelvin Scott, Steve Bowden and Ricky Cook. 

Men’s Triples:   Kelvin Scott, Ricky Cook and Nathan Glasson          Women’s Triples:  Bev Morel, Jan Shirley and Angela Boyd

Women’s Pairs: Pam Phair Mary Ann Johnstone           Men’s Pairs:  Kelvin Scott and Steve Bowden

Women’s Singles: Tania Woodham
                                 Men’s Singles:  Kelvin Scott
                                                                  Men’s Year 1 – 2 Singles & Handicap singles:  Dale Johnstone
                                                                                             Men’s Year 1 – 5 Singles:  Chris Godman



Handicap Pairs: Peter Felton and Murray Scott


Club Titleholders:
B. Morel
M.A. Johnstone
P. Phair
  K. Scott     [Gold Star]
N. Glasson   F. Frew   Ta. Woodham   
  J. Shirley  R. Cook
S. Bowden  
A. Boyd
[Statistics supplied by Neil Johnstone]

Champion of Champions:
Men’s Singles: In the men’s singles semi Kelvin Scott defeated J. Lavell, Sumner, 21 – 17, but lost the final 10 – 21 to Ricky Cook, on loan to Redcliffs-Mt. Pleasant.
Women’s Singles: Tania Woodham lost a close game to Tayla Bruce at the quarter final stage
Men’s Year 1 – 5 Singles: Chris Godman dnp
Men’s Year 1 – 2 Singles: Dale Johnstone narrowly lost in the first round.

Both our club champion pairs went out in the first round of the champion of champion pairs. Pam Phair and Mary Ann Johnstone lost to Canterbury 2017 16 – 17 while Kelvin Scott and Steve Bowden went down to Allenton 12 – 16.

Congratulations to the clubs two champion triples teams who both qualified and played.  Bev Morel, substitute Fiona Frew, Jan Shirley and Angela Boyd lost 16 – 20 against Canterbury 2017.


Nathan Glasson, Kelvin Scott and Ricky Cook played against Bowls Papanui winning 21 – 18 and defeated Morrison Ave 19 – 12 in the final.


Fours: The club’s two champion fours team who competed in the Centre’s champion of champions tournament both went out first game. Bev Morel lost to Halswell 8 – 14 while Nathan Glasson went down to Bowls Papanui 11 – 12.

Bowls Canterbury Competitions.
Centre Singles: Eight members participated in the Centre singles.
Women: Fiona Frew and Tania Woodham.
Men: Jonathan Flint, Ricky Cook, Nathan Glasson, Luke Vujcich, Chris Godman and Liam Eathorne .
Congratulations to Fiona Frew and Tania Woodham who progressed through to post section in the women’s Centre singles. Well done to Jonathan Flint, Liam Eathorne and Nathan Glasson. Nathan Glasson went on to win the Centre men’s final against Burnside’s M. Small 21 – 16


Centre Pairs: A large contingent of members entered the centre pairs. Paul McKinnel and Don Baker, Liam Eathorne and Steve Bowden, Jonathan Flint and In Ruler, Nathan Glasson and Ricky Cook, Bev Morel and Fiona Frew, Jan Shirley and Tania Woodham, Mary Ann Johnstone and J0yce Mckinnel.
Congratulations to Paul McKinnel and Don Baker and Nathan Glasson and Ricky Cook who qualified for post section play. Bev Morel and Fiona Frew and Jan Shirley and Tania Woodham also qualified for post section. Jan Shirley and Tania Woodham made the final and defeated
S. Keith [Allenton] 17 – 9

Centre O60 Pairs:
Bev Morel and Don Baker made post section but failed to progress any further.

Centre Mixed Pairs: Five teams were entered in this.  Paul and Joyce McKinnel, Neil and Mary Ann Johnstone, Bev Morel and Jamie Wagner, Jan Shirley and Chris Godman, Fiona Frew and Ian Rule.
Fiona Frew and Ian Rule and Neil and Mary Ann Johnstone progressed through to post section play with Frew and Rule reaching the semi finals on Centre Finals Day where they were soundly beaten by Burnside’s Tayla Bruce and Richard Hocking.

Centre Triples:
Men: Gary Lawson, Kelvin Scott and Nathan Glasson,  Paul McKinnel, Don Baker and Neil Johnstone
Women: Pam Rowley, Theresa Woodham and Lesley Campbell,   Bev Morel, Sheryl McLean and Angela Boyd, Pam Phair, Fiona Frew and Joyce McKinnel.
Gary Lawson, Kelvin Scott and Nathan Glasson and Bev Morel, Sheryl McLean and Angela Boyd qualified for post section play in the Centre triples. Gary Lawson, Kelvin Scott and Nathan Glasson made the final of the men’s Centre triples where spectators were treated to a real masterclass of skill and precision from our men’s triples team as they rather easily defeated the Richard Hocking Burnside three who also played some very good bowls. Hard luck to Bev Morel, Sheryl McLean and Angela Boyd who were eliminated at the semi final stage.


Centre Mixed Fours: Well done to both mixed fours teams of Bev Morel, Jan Shirley, Steve Bowden and Ray Hooper and Paul McKinnel, Pam Phair, Mary Ann Johnstone and Neil Johnstone who have both qualified for post section play. Morel’s team got through post section to play the final against Papanui Club’s Rick Day on finals weekend where they had a close win 14 – 13.


Centre Fours: Surprisingly only three entries with the team of Paul McKinnel, Liam Eathorne, Don Baker and Ian Rule making it through to post section where they won their two games and won their semi final in finals weekend but were defeated in the final 14 – 15 to Burnside’s Richard Hocking. Both ladies teams of Bev Morel and Pam Rowley failed to qualify.

Centre O60 Fours:
Congratulations to the two Elmwood Park teams that played in the post section of the O60 fours at Riccarton Racecourse.

Both teams met in the semifinal where Pam Phair, Brian Lyttle, Mary Ann Johnstone and Neil Johnstone were defeated by Bev Morel, Jan Shirley, Bruce Humphreys and Ray Hooper who then went on to defeat the Burnside team skipped by John Mears 17 – 14. 


Pre Christmas Results 2021.

Men's 3/4sDiv.1 Sec. 2151142nd
Men's 2/4sDiv. 314952nd
Men's 2/4sDiv. 712486th
Women's 2/4sDiv. 110731st
Women's 2/4sDiv. 310557th
U5 TriplesDiv. 2 Sec. 35234th=
O60 Double Pairs EP1Sec. 5121021stOut in rd. 2 [semi final] of playoffs.
O60 Double Pairs EP2Sec. 614685th
O60 Double Pairs EP3Sec. 71410221stOut in rd. 1 of playoffs
O60 Double Triples Sec. 212 576th
Women's FivesDiv. 714 864th
Men's Double Pairs EP1Sec. 2148511st Lost in playoffs
Men's Double Pairs EP2Sec. 112489th
Edwards Cup EP Blue2415811st
Edwards Cup EP Gold2471614th

Pre Christmas Highlights.
* The success of both the div. 1 teams in winning the Centre Sevens titles.

Singles: Mandy Boyd       Pairs: Bev Morel   Angela Boyd     Fours:  Jan Shirley   Pam Phair   Fiona Frew   Tania Woodham.Singles: Kelvin Scott     Pairs: Nathan Glasson   Liam Eathorne     Fours: Lance Pascoe   Paul McKinnel   Ricky Cook   Steve Ditfort. Well done to the div 2 men who were beaten finalists.  They were unbeaten in all 3 disciplines in all matches leading up to the final.
Singles: Jonathan Flint     Pairs: Don Baker   Ian Rule     Fours: Ray Hooper   Steve Bowden   Ken Nicholson   Neil Johnstone
This is actually the 2nd time the women and men have both won this top event; the first being some 15 years ago when the women, including current club members and still top bowlers, Mary Ann, Bev and Pam, went on to win the N.Z. title.
* The div 1 2/4s women who won their division.  They followed up their win last year in the 8s by winning this event narrowly prevailing over strong Allenton and Burnside teams.
* The div 1 3/4s men who came second in their division. They may have been a little disappointed!!!
* Men’s double pairs who won their section and rain delayed playoffs in early 2022 which they lost.
* First time since amalgamation an U5 team participated in Saturday interclub.
*  The O60 double pairs teams, EP1 & EP3 who both came 1st in their respective sections. Halswell 1, the eventual winners, defeated EP3 in the first round of playoffs. EP1 defeated Belfast 1 but then went down to Papanui  Club 4 in the semi final. 
* EP Blue who held first place in the Edwards Cup competition at the half way stage.

* Men’s Div 3 2/4s with the most wins in their division came a creditable second.
* Selection of Emily Belton as a Bowls Canterbury senior women’s coach.

Post Christmas Results

Watson ShieldSection 22415182nd
Men's 8s Div. 22110294th
Men's 8s Div. 4122109th
Women's 8sDiv. 1211651st
Women's Double TriplesDiv. 414952nd
Manning CupSection 1125715th
O60 7s EP1Section 2181531stLost in semi-final playoffs
O60 7s EP2Section 62117221stLost in first round in playoffs
Edwards CupEP Gold57201354th
Edwards CupEp Blue
Post Christmas Highlights.
* Kelvin Scott’s nationals singles title as well as 3rd in the pairs 

* Kelvin Scott’s achievement in winning four club championship titles and gaining the club’s gold star.
* Bev Morel’s win in the national pairs
* Gary Lawson coming 2nd in the national pairs
* Mandy Boyd was a semi finalist in the national women’s singles
* The two O60 7s teams that both won their sections
* Bev Morel’s 33rd club title. [fours & triples]
* Well done to Liam Eathorne who has gone right though the Watson Shield rounds undefeated in singles.
* Women’s 8’s first place in division 1. A great achievement when you consider that they won the pre Christmas 2/4s and the p0st Christmas 8s from last season as well. Three in a row.
* Paul McKinnel and Don Baker and Nathan Glasson and Ricky Cook who have qualified for post section play in the men’s Centre pairs and Bev Morel and Fiona Frew and Jan Shirley and Tania Woodham who also qualified for post section.
* Nathan Glasson, Kelvin Scott and Ricky Cook winning the champion of champion triples.
* Jan Shirley and Tania Woodham winning the Centre pairs
* Nathan Glasson winning the Centre singles title andgaining a Bowls Canterbury gold star.
* The fours team of Paul McKinnel, Liam Eathorne, Don Baker and Ian Rule who narrowly lost the fours final in finals weekend.
* Ricky Cook winning the champion of champion singles. [For Redcliffs-Mt. Pleasant]
*Ian Rule and Fiona Frew made the semi final in the Centre mixed pairs.
*The men’s triples team of Gary Lawson, Kelvin Scott and Nathan Glasson who won the Centre triples title
* Jan Shirley gaining her 10th Centre title [Gold star and bar]
* The success of both the div. 1 teams in winning the Regional Sevens titles.
What a day, both our women’s and men’s teams won their regional sevens held at Blenheim.
No losses. What a performance.
v Nelson United 3 – 0     v Blaketown 3 – 0     v Blenheim 3 – 0
Blenheim – Second Place
United – Third Place
Blaketown – Fourth Place

The Magnificent Sevens!!!

v Kaikoura 2½ – ½   v Stoke 2 – 1   v Cobden 2-1
Well done to Gary Lawson and Nathan Glasson who won all their three games.
Stoke – Second Place
Cobden – Third Place

Kaikoura – Fourth Place
The Elmwood Park Saints are the 2022 Bowls New Zealand Interclub 3Fives champions!!

The Elmwood Park Saints came marching into this years National Bowls3Five with nothing, and marched home as champions, after a hotly contested weekend of Bowls3Five.
The Saints team of Lance Pascoe, Kelvin Scott, Mandy Boyd and manager, Gary Lawson defeated the spirited Takaro Tui team of Mark Noble, Sharon Sims and and Steven Toms in the final to claim the championship.
In the semi finals, the Saints snuck past the Stokes Valley Vipers team of Seamus Curtin, Finbar McGuigan and Nicole Toomey by smallest of margins; winning the first set four points to three, and drawing the second set four all.

Local Tournaments
16- 10 – 21
Elmwood Park and Fendalton played their annual match for the Fenwood Duster on a day that was fine and sunny with the wind only appearing towards the end of the afternoon.
President Peter Law and Graeme Paton accepting the Fenwood Duster from Neil Johnstone. A slightly different format this year; 12 ends were played prior to afternoon tea. The score at afternoon tea was Fendalton 99 – Elmwood Park 63. Sadly the wonderful afternoon tea failed allow Elmwood Park to make up the deficit. So after 20 ends the final score was Fendalton 157 – Elmwood Park 114. EP 6 wins 1 draw Fen 9 wins 1 draw. A comprehensive win to Fendalton, their first for six years.


29 – 1 – 22
The annual match against Burnside was played today resulting in a reasonably comfortable win 10 games to 6 to Burnside. Apparently it as the 42nd match between the two clubs with Burnside now having 22 wins to Elmwood Park’s 20.
Games were played in pleasant conditions with great camaraderie and enjoyment. Burnside president Brenda Turner gleefully accepting the Elmburn Trophy from President Pete Smith.

16 – 3 – 22 v Rangiora
Rangiora defeated Elmwood Park in their annual tournament.
Two trophies were played for.
Gig Thomas Trophy and the John Emmett Trophy. EP lost both.
None the less an enjoyable day.

23 – 3 – 22
The annual game against Woodend took place today with Elmwood Park winning the Woodend Shield by 6½ – 3½.


Colin Sherratt proudly holding the trophy with Woodend president Gill Beale in attendance.



Edwards Cup.
This popular competition ran throughout the season with two Elmwood Park teams and one each from Fendalton and Barrington United. EP at times struggled for numbers but next season it is possible that Burnside may enter, this would be better as it would prevent EP hosting every two weeks.
Points: EP Blue 68   BU 61   Fen 54   EP Gold 45
EP Blue: Played 57   Won: 32   Drew: 3   Lost: 22          EP Gold: Played 57   Won: 20   Drew: 1   Lost: 36

Internal Competitions.
Ngaio Marsh Drawn Fours.

1]  Pam Phair (s)   Les Campbell   Eleanor Sweeney   Peter Alty
2]  Neil Johnstone (s)   Perry Trevella   Kay Johnston   June Smith
3]  Bev Morel (s)   Allan Reid   Brian Smith   Owen Simonsen



James Egan Drawn Triples.

1] Julia Hall   Ray Hooper [s]   June Smith




The President’s Drawn Triples.

1]  Tim Sandrey   Gary Lowe   Velma Maunsell

2]  Pam Rowley   Roy Scott   Ron Phair

3] Ray Hooper   Murray Scott   Peter Nash



The Veteran Pairs.


1st.   Ken Nicholson     Kevin White
2nd. Brian Lyttle     Chris Littlewood
3rd. Perry Trevella     Peter Alty




Special thanks to Don Baker and Gary Lowe who have produced great greens throughout the year; the equal of any in Christchurch. Thanks guys.