Coaching 7.

Practise drill for this unit.
Click on the bowl.

Delivering the Jack.

The pre shot routine is important in this process – to establish where the jack will finish.
The anchor foot is placed in the centre of the mat facing directly up the rink centre line.
*    Commence concentration, focus on and think about where the jack is to go.
*    Either receive information from the skip or make own decision.
*    Position the jack in the hand.
*The jack is held in the main fingers with the thumb on top and the wrist locked.
*    Identify the intended line selecting a permanent object on the bank.
*   Position the jack in yourn hand.
*    Visualise the “shot” to be played, the line and how far, how fast?
*    Confirm line, establish a focus point.
*    Move on to the mat.
The jack is delivered by using the same action as for the bowl.

Click on the picture for a video on delivering the jack.



You must be standing on the mat, one foot must be completely on the mat. If your mat is beyond the 2 metre mark, the jack needs to be at least 23 metres from the matline.

Do not encroach on an adjoining rink when delivering your bowl.