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Practise drill for this unit.
Click on the bowl.

Establishing the Line.

To establish the line stand about 1m behind the mat and select a permanent object on the far bank:

* form an imaginary line from that point back through the mat to the pre shot position.
* establish a focus point along the line of delivery
* move on to the mat, along the intended line of delivery, and place the anchor foot facing directly along the delivery line.
* place the lead foot adjacent and parallel but hip width apart from the anchor foot.
* deliver the bowl along the line aiming at the focus point.

As the speed of the bowl decreases the bias will take effect and the bowl will curve, therefore if the bowl speed and line are correct the bowl will finish where required.

* if the bowl does not finish in the correct place the next delivery will need to be adjusted.
* The adjustment will require establishing a new line or changing the bowl speed.
* always step on to the mat facing your reference point on the bat, then concentrate on delivering the bowl.


You might enjoy this short video. Click on the icon.   

Another view.


Don’t forget your pre shot routine as it gives you a better opportunity for a consistent and accurate delivery. The routine should begin approximately 1 metre behind the mat in the direction of the intended line.
*    Commence concentration, focus on and think about the shot you are going to play.
*    Either receive information from the skip or make own decision as to the shot you are to play.
*    Position the bowl in the hand.
*    Identify the intended line selecting a permanent object on the bank.
*    Visualise the shot to be played, the line and how far, how fast?
*    Confirm line, establish a focus point.
*    Move on to the mat.

*   Set realistic performance goals

*   Practise the skills
*   Expect to perform up to your current abilities
*   Be in good physical condition
*   Measure success in terms of your goals (not in terms of winning)
*   Use positive self-talk
*   Act confidently
*   Trust yourself
*   Embrace competition – it is the reward for practice
*   Mistakes happen – learn to deal with disappointment
*   Persevere.

Our club owns a DVD called “Coaching Lawn Bowls – The New Zealand Way”.
It is a “must see” for all new bowlers and those wanting to improve their bowling. It demonstrates correct technique, shows bowling strategies to practise and illustrates common faults.
Please contact any of the executive if you want to borrow the DVD.

Taking the mat.

The winner of the toss at the start of the game can choose to take the mat or give it away. From then onwards the winner of each end decides whether to take mat or give it away. If an extra end is played a toss is required and the winner can choose whether to take the mat or give it away..

When ready to bowl check with the adjacent rinks to see if another player is ready to bowl so you both do not bowl at the same time.