Back in Time: October 13 – 20

These are incidents that have occurred over the years at the St. Albans-Merivale Bowling Club. There will hopefully be some positive memories from these but also the hope that amalgamation with Elmwood will be a successful venture. Research will be carried out for entries from the Eimwood Bowling Club.
Fifteen Years Ago.
15 – 10 – 06   
Bowls Canterbury’s new premises officially opened at Fendalton.
The move made Canterbury one of the few associations with its own green.

Thirteen Years Ago.
20 – 10 – 08.
St. Albans-Merivale won their annual Ladies’ Pennant game against Fendalton.

It is an aggregate competition which they won by 100 – 83. This was the 27th time it has been played for.

St. Albans-Merivale also won it in the 2009 season.   It was an aggregate competition which was won by 86 – 82
It originated in the 1982 – 3 season.
2012 The Pennant was retained by St Albans-Merivale, 66 to 40, in very cold and unpleasant conditions. Only two games  of 6 ends of 3 bowl triples were played. The ladies were all very pleased to get inside to a delicious afternoon tea prepared and supplied by the St. Albans-Merivale ladies. 
On the same day in the Edwards Cup the men also played Fendalton. Sadly a 0 – 4 defeat.

Ten Years Ago.
19 – 10 – 11
The first round of the ladies’ midweek fives and Rowntree Cup was cancelled due to rain.

20 – 10 – 11
Due to lack of entries the Twilight Bowls have been cancelled.

Thanks to Mick Tarling who tried valiantly to get entries.

Seven Years Ago.
13 – 10 – 14
Parking became available for members and visitors on the Nurse Maude area behind the west end of the Hartmont Green. Plenty of spaces were available.
Entry from Mansfield Avenue. Please use the area away from Mansfield Avenue end.

Six Years Ago.
5 – 10 – 15

The first Edwards Cup games were played today; it was good to get the season underway on time. Interesting to note that only three teams of fours will be playing this season.

Five Years Ago.
15 – 10 – 16

History was made today with St. Albans-Merivale combining with Elmwood for teams in the centre events for the upcoming season.
The men’s sevens teams came through undefeated as did the two junior fours teams, what a great start.

The ladies made a very good start with wins from in the 2/4s.

Listed are the games that our members participated in.
Men’s 2/4s
Div. 3 v Bowls Papanui  21 – 14  10 – 23
Div. 5 v Parklands 2  17 – 18  21 – 14
Div. 6 v Parklands 3  24 – 19  13 – 18
Div. 7 v Opawa 2  13 – 17  7 – 21
Junior 4s  Div. 3 Sec. 4 v Mandeville  30 – 15
Ladies’ 2/4s
Div.2 v New Brighton  27 – 13  30 – 18

Four Years Ago.
16 – 10 – 17
First game of the Edwards Cup for the newly formed Elmwood Park Club was played today at Donald Place after being cancelled due to rain last week.

Elmwood Blue v Fendalton Prouting 16 – 9   Wear 27 – 14   Reid 22 – 23     Elmwood Gold v Barrington United McIntosh 14 – 18   Nicholson 22 – 13   Lowe 14 – 16
Points: EP Blue 4   BU 4   EP Gold 2   Fen 2

14 – 10 – 17|
Congratulations to the following Elmwood Park teams who qualified for the men’s post-section triples to be held on Saturday 21st October at Bowls Papanui:

Paul McKinnel (s), Don Baker and Matt Bassett
Rod Greaney (s), Jonathan Flint and Ian Rule
Our two women’s teams played well in a very tough section and each won 2 games out of 4.
15 – 10 – 17
Congratulations to Matt Bassett, Neil Johnstone and Jonathan Flint who qualified for the men’s singles post-section that was held on Saturday 29th October at Belfast, and to Sherrie Cottle who qualified for the women’s post-section that was held at Riccarton Racecourse on the same date.

Three Years Ago.
13 – 10 – 18
The first week of interclub is always looked forward to. Imagine the consternation when one member of the Div. 2 2/4s team failed to turn up. That would lead to one team playing triples and losing ¼ of their points scored. Luckily Bob Prouting had arrived to observe and he was hurriedly brought in to play.

20 – 10 – 18


Congratulations  to Bruce Humphreys who is through to the final of the under 8s singles to be played on finals weekend 26th January;  he will play Phil Austin from Halswell.


20 – 10 – 18
Finding teams for men’s interclub proved a real headache for the selectors  with so many players being unavailable. MuzzaWeb doubts if there was a spare player left. One might question the wisdom of having interclub on public holiday weekends???

Two Years Ago.
10 – 9 – 19
At a recent executive meeting, 9th September, the committee in accordance with clause 4M and 4W of the constitution passed a motion that ” Elmwood Park Bowling Club will have a new category of members ( restricted members) who will be charged an annual subscription of $100. This will allow these members to, participate in social events and club days and to have roll ups on our greens if they are available. They will not be able to play in any competitions, neither will they will not have voting rights.

18 – 9 – 19
A function held to meet the Elmwood Saints who will be representing the club in the nationally televised Bowls3Five competition.

Introductions and uniforms were handed out.

16 – 10 – 19
Upon request, the match committee had decided to reinstate the intermediate singles this year which, as stated in the handbook, is for both men and women who have not entered the open singles event.