October Newsletter.

ELMWOOD PARK BOWLING CLUB. Newsletter: October, 2021.

To all club members of the Elmwood Park Bowling Club, welcome to the 2021-22 season and may it be yet another enjoyable and successful one.
Usually, the off-season is a time of recuperation, but this winter was far from that for a hardworking group of club officials, led superbly by President Pete (of “ladies bring a salad” fame) Smith. Along with key mates like Allan Reid, Brian Smith and Jamie Wagner, he completed a fantastic sales contract for the Donald Place property which should make Elmwood Park financially secure for many future decades, as well as insuring a problem-free transfer into our intended new clubrooms at Heaton Street.
Mention should also be made of the invaluable assistance from Chris Littlewood, whose legal advice was given freely as a club member.
The new season began with a most enjoyable opening day, which was attended by a pleasing majority of members. The BBQ was enjoyed by all, even if those who played in the following roll-up faced an impossible gusting afternoon.


Our greenkeepers, Don Baker and Garry Lowe must be congratulated for the state of our greens at Heaton Street and Donald Place at the start of the season. Each has a really good coverage and are running at a good pace for so early in the summer. Christchurch, according to leading overseas players, is blessed with the best greens in the world and our two greens are among the best in town.
Another very pleasing aspect to the start of the new season is the sight of new, young faces on our greens. All our old hands must welcome Jonny Moody, Mitchell Wallace, Dale Johnstone, Pete Ross Harding, Brendan Feary, Danny Wilson, and Richard Plew, all first-year members and Moira Mudie who has joined as a restricted member. Some are recognisable from the successful Thursday night “3Fives” venture run so well by Matt de Vries last season.
In fact, Jonny Moody was a member of the winning team for the whole series and says he enjoyed it
so much he had to become a full member this year.
Another interesting newcomer is Dale Johnstone, a young Scotsman from Howick, who had a couple of years introduction to the game in his home country. Dale also has a background in rugby, for Howick is the centre of the strong Borders region in Scotland and Dale played as a prop in the Scottish Premier League. No doubt he was welcomed by the Christchurch Football Club earlier in the year where he played in their Div. II team.
It is also very pleasing to welcome back two former members, Tania Woodham, and Jonathan Flint. Both have played in Elmwood Park top teams in the past and their presence will again strengthen our ranks at that level.
Congratulations to Pam Phair and her team of Lesley Campbell, Eleanor Sweeney and Peter Alty for their success in winning the first tournament of the season, the annual Ngaio Marsh drawn fours. They won all three games against some pretty strong opposition with Neil Johnstone (s), Perry Trevella, Kay Johnston and June Smith being runners-up with two wins and Bev Morel, Allan Reid, Brian Smith and Owen Simonsen in third place, also with two wins.
It was a very successful afternoon and a friendly, relaxed way to begin the season.
Because of the covid situation in Auckland, plans and dates for the televised 3 Fives competition are
still “in the air”. Group skipper, Gary Lawson said the competition was originally scheduled to begin
on October 10 and run over the following five weeks but Gary said this is unlikely and could be reduced to a three-day event on later dates but still before the Christmas break. The selection of players for this competition is still to be finalised.

Bowls New Zealand would like to let all of our Bowls3Five fans know that due to the uncertainty created by COVID-19; it is proposed that the Bowls3Five league scheduled for a October 19 start will now commence on Tuesday November 9, 2021, and continue for five weeks, concluding December 8, 2021.
If things aren’t looking rosy by Monday the 18th of October, we will instead move to a Plan B and run Bowls3Five as a three-day long round robin tournament, which will run from the 7th-9th of December.
[From a recent BNZ press release.]


From the President.
Congratulations to all concerned for a splendid Bowls Opening Day, last Saturday. About 55 people attended making for a very enjoyable day.
Full marks to Pam Nicholson and her team of helpers who put on a fine Luncheon, (good to see the number of men who brought along a salad without having to be asked!!)


To Trevor Eglin and Tim Sandrey, a great effort on the BBQ given the heat of the day and the nor west gale!!!



There were 6 new members in attendance which is very encouraging and we must do all we can to

make them feel welcome right throughout the year.
Pity the nor west gale spoilt the afternoon bowls but there is a heap of bowls to be played this season.
Full marks to Neil Johnstone and his team on the match committee for making sure there is bowls for everyone to play this season.
Make yourselves familiar with the boards in the Pavilion.
Just a reminder that next Wednesday, the 6 October, there is a working bee at Heaton Street, starting at 9am.
Matt has organised to have a skip on site that day as we farewell ALL the rubbish.
Looking forward to another good turn out next Wednesday.

The club has entered the following Bowls Canterbury pre-Christmas competitions:
Saturday:  Women’s 2/4s  2 teams     Men’s 3/4s 1 team     Men’s 2/4s 2 teams     U5 triples 1 team
Mid-week   O’60 double pairs 3 teams     O’60 double triples 1 team     Women’s 5s 1 team     Men’s double pairs 2 teams
December 11 – 12:     Sevens     Women’s and men’s teams in division 1 and division 2

The Bowls Canterbury Draws should be available very soon.

Thanks to the Selectors for their assistance re the entries and, particularity Lesley Campbell for her
dealings with the Centre.      Neil Johnstone.