Back in Time. September 15 – 22

These are incidents that have occurred over the years at the St. Albans-Merivale Bowling Club. There will hopefully be some positive memories from these but also the hope that amalgamation with Elmwood will be a successful venture.

17 – 9 – 16
Fine weather and a pretty good green saw 35 club members celebrate opening day. Three bowl triples were played and the afternoon was enjoyed by all. After all the turmoil of the past few months it was good to be just playing bowls again

From the President
Welcome to the 2016 – 2017 bowls season, which I can tell you is going to be quite different from what we have experienced in the past.
This season we are combining with the Elmwood Bowling Club for the purposes of interclub competition. Our players will be mixed in with theirs and will play home games either here in Donald Place or at the Elmwood Green, players will be advised in good time where they will be playing and with whom. For championship men’s bowls the two clubs will operate their own competitions and winners will have their names recorded on the club honours board as in the past.
Some women are going to be involved with Elmwood ladies and play with them in their competitions.
It is still most important that we grow our membership if we are to survive as an independent club, failure to do so will eventually bring about an enforced amalgamation in no more than two short years, so please try your best to encourage family members and friends, especially the younger generations, to give bowls a go, who knows they might even thank you.

19 – 9 – 15
Not a good start to the season!
The first club tournament of the year, the Presidents’ Fours, was not played due to the cold conditions and a fear that a very wet green may have been damaged.

It was played the following week week.

21 – 9 – 13
St. Albans-Merivale tried something new, this Saturday was going to be a day dedicated to coaching.

Sadly the weather had other ideas and the proposed outdoor sessions were unable to be held.
But the morning was made good use of. Ron Roberts took a two hour session that was very valuable and worthwhile. It was disappointing to have so few members present to take advantage of his knowledge.

The green at 12.00.






18 – 9 – 10   Opening Day.
Opening day was a bit special this year as the club was presented with a bell in memory of Jean Gregson, a member from 1984 – 1996.
She won two titles, a fours in 1987 and a triples in 1995.
Jean was a coach and club members who were coached by her had nothing but the highest praise. The inscription on the plaque says, “Ladies’ coach and mentor.”
Her daughter, Jane Skipper, made this presentation to the St. Albans-Merivale bowling Club to honour Jean’s contribution to the club.
Jean was born in Burnley, England, married John Crabtree and had two daughters. They moved to Nigeria where a boy was born.
It was there that Jean became involved in amateur theatre.
The moved to Wanganui, then Wellington where she became a successful theatre director of plays and musicals. She also designed sets. Jean was a competent actor but her real forte was directing. She also conducted acting schools around the country.
Jean became a coach and umpire. She had an autocratic style that could disturb some people but there was doubting her ability.
Jean put on several Christmas and end of year functions for the club, writing lyrics for the songs and spending hours with somewhat reluctant participants until they were as good as she could get them. These shows may well still be remembered by some of the older members of the club.
MuzzaWeb is indebted to Eleanor Sweeney for much of the information published here.

One Year Ago
19 – 9  – 20
A week before opening day the Donald Place green was made available for roll ups. 30 members took the opportunity to play some bowls on a green which played very well and quite quick. Well done to greenkeeper Gary Lowe.




The aftermatch function is always popular.





21 – 9 – 20

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