Newsletter. November, 2020.

ELMWOOD PARK BOWLING CLUB. Newsletter: November, 2020.

Great news, isn’t it! At last we are going to see the first real steps towards the building of a new club house and second green at Heaton Street.
After some sterling work at executive level, club president Pete Smith has advised that Walker Architects will show a visual presentation of initial proposed plans of the new pavilion, to be rebuilt on the existing footprint of our damaged building.
It has been nine years since the late Neil Gow first proposed plans for a multisport club at Heaton Street – something that has proved to be a too long and difficult task. The executive recently made the first positive move by employing Deloittes to consult on the various options available to the club and after the interesting views put forward at a well-attended special club meeting, began the move towards establishing the rebuild.
The visual presentation, on Tuesday, 24th, can only last for an hour from 5:30pm because the clubroom is prebooked for another function, so we are all looking to a mass turnout from all club members and, from those of us who have had a peek pre-look at what is being proposed, we can assure you the suggestions are superb. As well, all members are entitled to their points of view and your thoughts will be welcomed from the floor.

 Our flagship team, the Elmwood Park Saints, has been making great strides towards retaining their presence when finals time comes around for the Bowls3Five title, thus promoting our club on a national level in the popular televised series.
At the moment the Saints are the only unbeaten team is the series and head the points table. Since the first iffy beginning in the very first set, the team has played very good bowls, no matter which combination they send to Auckland each week. It is the abundance of top level players we have “on the bench” that the Saints have prevailed so far.
Good luck to everybody in the coming weeks – we are all very proud of you.

The selection of the Canterbury Centre team for the national intercentre championships is a very telling example of the strength of Elmwood Park at the moment; nine Elmwood Park players being selected in the senior men’s, senior women’s and development women’s combinations.
Astoundingly, five of the seven places in the senior men’s team go to Elmwood Park bowlers. The pairs are an all- Elmwood Park duo, with Gary Lawson skipping Nathan Glasson, while Lance Pascoe skips the fours which include Kelvin Scott at three and Liam Eathorne leading.

Mandy Boyd skips the senior women’s four, while Emily Robins skips the development triples.

Elmwood Park has also provided a strong representation in teams for the annual Town v Country matches. Congratulations to Liam Eathorne, Steve Ditfort and Kelvin Scott for the senior men and Fiona Frew in the women’s lineup, while our bowling nomad, Rodney Greaney headed the opposing Country team.

Congratulations to Mandy Boyd, who won her semi-final in the Centre women’s singles championship, outlasting a former Elmwood Park player, Tania Woodham, in a very tight match. When the final comes around Mandy comes up against another fabulous player and former team-mate, Tayla Bruce from Burnside, in what is guaranteed to be an epic clash.

Unfortunately the news wasn’t as good in the centre men’s singles, with the three qualifiers, Bruce Humphreys, Nathan Glasson and Liam Eathorne all being eliminated early in post section play.

Last month we welcomed all new members to our club and all existing members hope you have all enjoyed your early weeks with Elmwood Park.
But, for those of us who enjoy going to watch various inter-club games and club title clashes, one newcomer has stood out as an outstanding addition to the upper echelon category.
After a year or so out of the game (probably because of the two delightful tots we have seen around Heaton Street when Mum is playing), Sheryl McLean has joined from the Canterbury Club and made an immediate impact in our top women’s team. It’s no wonder when you look into her background in the sport.
A tall, athletic player with a keen draw shot and a fierce, accurate drive, Sheryl had made a name for herself very quickly a couple of seasons back, as one of Bowls New Zealand’s more promising youngsters. She was selected as a member of the national development team and along with two other current Elmwood Park stars, Mandy and Angela Boyd (then Burnside) and Wellingtonian Leigh Griffin, won the fours title at the 2018 national championships.
Elmwood is already very strong in men’s and women’s inter-club bowls but Sheryl will certainly add to that ascendancy.


On not such a bright note, we note a couple of lapses in club etiquette from a few players. It is a club ruling that every player must wear club uniforms in weekend games, whether it be in interclub matches at home or away clubs, or even at Centre finals. Also there have been a couple of instances of players not checking for selections in weekend and mid-week clashes and letting their team-mates down by not turning up.
Come on troops – play to the rules !