Newsletter, October 2020.

ELMWOOD PARK BOWLING CLUB. Newsletter: October 2020.

At last we are underway and the first indications are that the 2020 – 21 season will be another boomer for Elmwood Park.
New members, initial progress towards a new clubroom, evidence that we are a very strong competitive club again, and two excellent greens at both Donald Place and Heaton Street, are all aspects that our wonderful club is destined for a very good season.

There was a very good turnout by club members at the recent meeting with representatives of Delloittes, who had been employed by Elmwood Park to look into the seemingly endless alternatives for building new club rooms and a probable artificial second green at Heaton Street. The meeting was most satisfactory and endorsed the good move by our club’s administrative committee to employ highly professional consultants.
There was a large majority of club members in favour of building a new clubroom on the same footprint of the existing damaged clubhouse and to do so without continuing the original intention of a multi-sport Elmwood Club complex.
No concrete decisions came from the special meeting but the club executive has been given the right to proceed with plans to have a new clubroom, with the majority present being in favour of a single storey structure. So, after some years of little progress for the multi-sport idea, it was good to hear that there will be immediate negotiations for a new bowls centre.
There was also strong support for a second artificial surface where the “sand-pit” presently exists, with or without a roofed cover. There is a need for a lot more investigation into this matter but an ongoing financial benefit would certainly result if Elmwood Park was the instigator of Christchurch’s first proper covered artificial facility.

The club is well represented at this weekend’s Centre finals at the Papanui Club and this newsletter urges as many club members as possible to support our representatives on Saturday and Sunday.

First up on Saturday morning (8:30am) is Gary Lawson’s powerful four, including Kelvin Scott, Lance Pascoe and Nathan Glasson, who are up against Duncan O’Keefe’s Rangiora combination in the semi-final. If successful, they will progress to the final on Sunday.


Pam Phair will skip a women’s triples team with Mary Ann Johnstone and Cheryl Gee, who will play even though she has left Elmwood Park. They are up against a trio skipped by Debbie Ho of Riccarton Racecourse in their semi.

Likewise, the John Mears line-up of Liam Eathorne and Ian Rule are in the men’s semi final triples against Mark Schrader, also a popular former member of this club. Liam (representing Riccarton Racecourse) makes a double appearance in the finals, matching up against Beckenham’s Shane Brokenshire in the semi final of the men’s singles, also on Saturday.

Good luck to everybody !

Existing club members will welcome incoming new members, Simon and Jenny Brown, Sheryl McLean and Chris Godman, and wish them good luck and plenty of enjoyment as Elmwood Park bowlers. It is always good to see newcomers in our ranks and you will all soon realise you have joined one of the friendliest sporting clubs in Christchurch.

A message from your President.
After a very busy off season, it is great that the 2020/2021 Season is up and running. By now you should have received the latest Handbook.

As you will see a very full programme has been arranged with bowls being available for all levels of bowlers.
The Prizegiving for the 2019 season was finally able to be held at Donald Place with good numbers present.
The AGM attracted approximately 60 members and some particularly good points were aired.
Opening day was held at Donald Place on a beautiful fine Saturday afternoon. After a barbecue luncheon everyone present enjoyed the opportunity to have a roll up.
Last Thursday night, the consultant company, Deloittes, employed by the executive, presented their findings to a large number of members. Part of their deliberations was greatly helped with 90 survey forms completed by our members.
A very warm welcome to the new members. This is very healthy, but we must all work on growing our membership.
I would like to see a greater attendance in the clubrooms. Let’s face it, the income is vital, but more importantly, the camaraderie between us all can only strengthen our club overall. I’m sure our new club captain, B. J.  Lyttle will add spice to your visit.
Communication with you all is vital and any contribution you wish to make can be emailed to Ken Nicholson, our newsletter editor.
Finally, after a very successful season on the greens last season I hope we can do even better in the new season.
Enjoy your bowls on the very best greens in Canterbury.
See you around,
Peter Smith,
“united we stand/ divided we fall”