Interclub Teams & Club Championship Draws.

Bowls Canterbury Information Line.     03 351 2225      To check if games are on or greens are closed.


Edwards Cup.
End of season game with Blue playing Gold Monday April 19 @ Donald Place 1.00

B. Lyttle   B. Smith   B. Colthart    P. Alty          W. Leney   C. Sherratt   B. McIntosh   M. O’Loughlin          N. Johnston   P. Trevella   P. Nash   C. Littlewood
K. Nicholson   J. Irving   P. Smith   O. Simonsen         P. Felton   A. Reid   N. Greenslade   R. Phair           G. Lowe   T. Sandrey   M. Phillips   T. Doocey
Skips please ring Teams
If any changes please ring Brian for a replacement.

Champion of Champions Information. Venue: Belfast
Women’s singles: Sherrie Cottle v Donelda Scott, Christchurch, 11.30 Saturday April 12. If successful final 2.30 Sunday.

Men’s triples: Gary Lawson, Kelvin Scott and Nathan Glasson v Fendalton, 8.30 Saturday April 11. If successful final 2.30 Sunday.
Watson Shield v Papanui Club 8.30 Sunday April 11.
Singles: L. Eathorne     Pairs: N. Glasson   I. Rule     Triples: P. McKinnel   B. Lyttle   N. Johnstone     Fours: S. Ditfort   K. Nicholson   J. Wagner   T. Sandrey

National Sevens: 15 – 18 April @ various Christchurch greens.
Every centre (x27) in New Zealand will be sending a side to the 2021 finals.
Elmwood Park: Singles: K. Scott     Pairs: G. Lawson   N. Glasson     Fours: L. Pascoe   P. McKinnel   L. Eathorne   S. Ditfort
The programme: Qualifying.     Rounds 1 – 5     Rounds 1 – 3 @ Rangiora     Rounds 4 – 5 @ Papanui & Christchurch
April 16 Round 1   8.30:
Singles v Featherston         
Pairs v Westport RSA          Fours v West End [Taranaki]

April 16 Round 2   11.30:
Singles v Westport RSA         
Pairs v West End [Taranaki]          Fours v West End [South Canterbury]

April 16 Round 3   2.30:
Singles v West End [Taranaki]         
Pairs v West End [South Canterbury]          Fours v tbc [North Harbour]

April 17 Round 4   8.00:
Singles v West End [South Canterbury] @ Christchurch         
Pairs v tbc [North Harbour] @ Christchurch          Fours v Featherstone @ Papanui Club

April 17 Round 5   11.00:
Singles v tbc [North Harbour] @ Christchurch         
Pairs v Featherston @ Christchurch          Fours v Westport RSA @ Papanui Club

Club Championships Draws.
Men’s Fours   Updated 13/2
Women’s Fours   Updated 23/1
Men’s Triples   Updated 6/3
Women’s Triples   Updated 20/2
Men’s Pairs  Updated 3/2
Women’s Pairs   Updated 8/3
Men’s Singles  Updated 15/3
Women’s Singles   Updated 29/1
Men’s Years 1 – 5     Updated 12/3
Handicap Pairs    Updated 29/3
Handicap Singles   Updated 8/4