Interclub Teams & Club Championship Draws.

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Edwards Cup. Monday January 25 @ Fendalton 1.00
Elmwood Blue v Elmwood Gold
EP Blue
J. Wagner   P. Trevella   R. Scott   C. Littlewood           W. Leney   B. Smith   B. Fergusson   P. Alty          B. Prouting   B. Lyttle   P. Nash   M. O’Loughlin
EP Gold
N. Johnstone   A. Reid   R. Phair   P. Duke           P. Felton   P. Morel   N. Greenslade   T. Doocey           K. Nicholson   G. Lowe   P. Smith   O. Simonsen

Tuesday Friendlies. January 26. 1.00 @ Donald Place
EP 1 v Halswell 5: Kevin White   Don Pidhirny   Hugh Horn    Christopher Littlewood.

EP 2 v Papanui  7: Peter Duke   John Irving   Simon Brown   Jenny Brown      DUTY TEAM Each person  sandwiches sufficient for four people, please.

060 7s Monday, February 1. 9.30
EP 1 v Halswell 2 @ Halswell

Singles: Bruce Humphreys          Pairs: Neil and Mary Ann Johnstone          Fours: Ken Nicholson (s)   Tim Sandrey   Pam Nicholson   Peter Felton.
EP 2 v Rangiora 3 @ Donald Place
Singles: Theresa Woodham           Pairs: Bev Morel (s)   Ray Hooper          Fours: Pam Phair (s)   Pam Rowley   Kurt Geiger   Lesley Campbell.

Edwards Cup. Monday February 1 @ Barrington United 1.00
EP Blue v Fendalton
J. Wagner   B. Lyttle   P. Nash   M. O’Loughlin           W. Leney   P. Trevella   R. Scott   P. Alty          B. Prouting   B. Smith   B. Fergusson   D. Pidhirny
EP Gold v Barrington United
T. Sandrey   A. Reid   T. Edlin   T. Doocey           P. Felton   J. Irving   P. Smith   O. Simonsen           G. Lowe   P. Morel   N. Greenslade   R. Phair

Women’s Double Triples. February 3 @ Donald Place 9.30
Pam Rowley   Les Campbell   Jenny Brown                    Pam Nicholson   June Smith   Sharon Clements


Saturday Interclub.  February 5
Women’s 8s. Div. 1
v Halswell @ Heaton Street 1.30
Pairs: P. Rowley   S. Cottle          B. Morel   J. McKinnel          Fours: P. Phair   M.A. Johnstone   T. Woodham   L. Campbell

Manning Cup. 
v Belfast @ Donald Place  1.30
Ken Nicholson (s)   Pam Nicholson♠   Bruce Ferguson   Ron Phair.

Denis White (s)   Kevin White   Peter Nash   Peter Duke.
♠ Collect cards and leave in Murray’s locker.


Men’s Fours Final. Greaney v Lawson      Saturday 13 February @ 1pm @ Heaton Street

Club Championships Draws.
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