Coaching. Rules. Etiquette. 14

Practise game for this unit.
Click on the bowl.


Tips for “Weight” Control.

Here are some suggestions for weight control.

1)    Elevation method.
Elevating the bowl higher in front of you will assist in getting you a bigger pendulum swing and therefore increase weight. The coordinated swing and step will mean additional force to the bowl.

2)    Stance.
Try a more upright stance to get more power. The increased body movement will add extra weight. By adopting a lower stance better weight control on shorter ends or faster greens will be achievable.
3)    Delivery Step.
A longer step will mean increased body movement and forward momentum. This in most occasions will add weight. A shorter step will allow a shorter smooth delivery that will help with weight control on short ends and fast greens,

4)    Backswing.
Adjusting the length of your backswing is one of the most important methods of weight control. Basically the bigger the backswing the more momentum will be transferred to the bowl from the pendulum swing and the bowl will travel faster. A small slow backswing will allow great control for short ends and faster greens.

5)    Delivery speed.
All of the above technique variations will influence your weight control. The delivery speed of the bowl will determine the distance it will travel. Increase the delivery speed and the bowl will travel further, decrease the delivery speed  and the bowl will travel less distance. Sounds obvious but transfer the fact into your delivery style to get better weight control. Do this by adding power to the bowl just before just before release or increasing the pendulum swing for added momentum.

6)    Fingertip control.
The most important but least understood part of weight control. More relevant to fast greens, i.e., > 14 seconds, but still a good technique for fine adjustments to your weight. Just prior to release the finger tips allow the bowl to run smoothly onto the green. At this point it is possible to add extra weight by flexing the fingers that will increase the rotation of the bowl and therefore add distance. This is how you develop feel and touch in your delivery and the bowl comes out in control.

Dead or Alive…..Along the Boundary Line.

A bowl or jack is considered in play if the bowl or jack is in line or further into your rink than the imaginary straight line connecting the centres of the boundary pegs, it is alive.

Do not pass or walk in front of the player who was last to play – they have the right to see how their bowl progresses.

Do not walk around talking to other bowlers participating in other games, allow them to concentrate in their own games.