Coaching. Rules. Etiquette. 10

Practise game for this unit.
Click on the bowl.


The controlled forcing shot 

with 1 – 2 metres of bowl speed.

   Click on the bowl to watch a video.



Objective: Bowl is to enter or pass through a target area with 1 – 2 metres of bowl speed.
i)  To turn an opponents bowl out of the count and improve your own score.
ii)  To disturb a cluster of shots to turn own bowl into a counting shot or reduce the
count against you.
iii)  Disturb a cluster to open the opportunity for a greater range of shot options.
iv)  To create movement of the jack or opposition bowls for own advantage.
v)   To take the jack into the ditch.
vi)  To set the head for the next team member.
vii)  The bowl remains on the rink.

Pre Shot Routine:
Identify new target and establish the new line reference point.

Adjustment from initial line reference at 1 to new reference point at 2 is calculated.
Note the distance between reference point 1 – 2 is approximately the same distance from rink centre 3 to new target at 4.

Shot Play:

All movement now along new delivery line.
Bowl speed adjustment for this shot is minimal.
To execute yard-on shots, bowlers should first decide the finishing line and speed that their bowl needs for achieving the intended result. They next visualise an imaginary jack where their bowl would ideally come to rest if there were no obstructing bowls at the intended point of impact. They then follow their usual routine for playing a draw shot to the imaginary jack.

Success factors:
 i)   The readjustment of line from the original mark.

ii)  Bowl speed control is critical factor for this shot. It is important to develop a
mindset for the speed required.
iii)  Visualise the desired finishing point 1 – 2 metres beyond the target and play to that point.

Bowling the wrong bowl.
This is considered a mistake and there is no penalty; you do not miss a turn. Just replace the played bowl with your own. If the played bowl is a toucher the player’s replacement bowl becomes the toucher.

Observe the rules for possession of the rink! Possession of the rink belongs to the team whose bowl is being played. The players in possession of the rink for the time being should not be distracted in any way by their opponents. As soon as each bowl has come to rest, possession of the rink is transferred to the other team with time being allowed for marking a toucher.