The 2019 – 20 Season in Review!!

A season that started with hope and expectation and ended with frustration and despair as the dreaded Covid-19 played its deadly hand. Much of the season’s end was unable to be finished and consequently many bowlers were unable to fulfill their hopes and get the top prizes of their game.

These final statements from Bowls Canterbury said it all.

Due to the ongoing health and safety concerns regarding Covid-19, and the speed at which developments are occurring, Bowls Canterbury has today reached the decision to suspend all bowls. This means all club events and tournaments, all school programmes and all social events for the remainder of the 2019 – 2020 are cancelled or postponed.
   * ALL Club Events and tournaments – cancelled /postponed
   * All social roll ups – cancelled

As of Friday 20 March, Bowls New Zealand strongly recommends that (until further notice) all bowling clubs throughout the country be closed for all organised bowls events and activities.

Still the Elmwood Park Club had much to be proud of.

Pre Christmas Interclub Highlights:

   * The  success of the Elmwood Park Saints in the televised national Bowls3Five tournament, a creditable second.

   * Men’s 7s who won Division 1 and defeated Papanui Club in the playoffs to qualify for the national interclub sevens.
   * Women’s 7s who won Division 1 but were defeated by Burnside in the playoffs.
   * Women’s 2/4s who came 2nd in Division 1.
   * Men’s 2/4s who came 2nd in Division 2.
   * The success of the midweek teams:
                  * Vets double pairs who had two teams in the final playoffs with EP 1 beaten in the final. EP 1 & 4 were first in their sections and EP 1 came 2nd in the playoffs.
                  * The Rowntree Cup ladies came 3rd in section play.
   * EP Blue 1st at the half way stage of the Edwards Cup with EP Gold 2nd.

Pre Christmas Interclub Results 2019

Men's 7sDiv. 12721151stWon final at finals weekend
Men's 3/4sDiv. 121101106th
Men's 3/4sDiv. 31861117th
Men's 2/4sDiv. 2126242nd
Women's 7sDiv. 1211561stRunners up in final at finals weekend
Women's 2/4sDiv. 114952nd
Women's RowntreeSec. 17523rd
O60s Double PairsEP 1 Sec. 27521stLost in the final
O60s Double PairsEP 2 Sec. 55412nd
O60s Double PairsEP 3 Sec. 66244th
O60s Double PairsEP 4 Sec. 4661stLost to EP 1 in the semi final
O60s Double TriplesEP 1 Sec. 1144194th
O60s Double TriplesEP 2 Sec. 214954th
O60s Double TriplesEP 3 Sec. 2141043rd
Mixed TensSec. 128152114th
Edwards CupEP Blue2414191st
Edwards CupEP Gold2414102nd

Representative Honours:


New Zealand:    Gary Lawson    Also worthy of mention that Gary played his 300th game for the Blackjacks. What an achievement.


Southern Quad.
Senior Team:  Men’s Pairs: Kelvin Scott     Men’s Fours: Lance Pascoe (s)   Steve Ditfort
Women’s Pairs: Chris Kibblewhite (s)   Tania Woodham      Women’s Triples: Jan Shirley
Developmental Team:  Women’s fours: Emily Robbins
Country:  Men’s Pairs: Rodney Greaney

Northern Quad.
Women’s Team: Triples: Chris Kibblewhite (S)    Fours: Mandy Boyd (S)
Men’s Team: Singles: Nathan Glasson    Pairs: Lance Pascoe (S)    Triples: Liam Eathorne    Fours: Kelvin Scott (S)   Stephen Ditfort

Majorie Gundry.  Fiona Frew     Emily Robbins

Canterbury O60s v Southland.  Bev Morel   Lois Grey   Don Baker   Dave Vujcich

Town v Country.
Players were chosen either the Country Team or the Town Team via their club affiliation.

Canterbury Senior Women:  Black     Singles:   Kirsten Rowe     Pairs  Chris Kibblewhite      Fours:   Fiona Frew
Canterbury Senior Women:  Red     Pairs:   Joyce McKinnell                    Canterbury Development Women:  Red     Pairs:   Emily Robbins
Canterbury Senior Men:  Black     Singles:   Nathan Glasson     Pairs:   Kelvin Scott   Liam Eathorne                    Canterbury Senior Men:  Red     Pairs:   Gary Lawson   Steve Ditfort

Canterbury National Intercentre. Postponed
Pairs: Gary Lawson   Nathan Glasson           Fours: Lance Pascoe   Kelvin Scott   Liam Eathorne.

Fours: Mandy Boyd    Travelling Reserve: Chris Kibblewhite

North v South. Postponed
Pairs: Gary Lawson    Fours: Lance Pascoe    Fours: Mandy Boyd

Centre Stuff.
A fantastic day for Elmwood Park in the Centre singles. Six ladies entered the Centre singles and six ladies qualified for post section play. Congratulations to Mandy Boyd, Sherrie Cottle, Jan Shirley, Tania Woodham, Kirsten Rowe and Chris Kibblewhite.
Congratulations to Mandy Boyd who qualified for the Centre women’s singles final and played Rebecca Jelfs from Canterbury in finals weekend.
Congratulations too to Rodney Greaney who played Jason Johnstone from Bowls Papanui in a men’s singles semi final at finals weekend.
Well done to Bruce Humphreys who got through to the second round of the O60 singles.
Seven teams progressed into post section play in the Centre pairs. Well done to the women’s teams of Bev Morel, Chris Kibblewhite and Mary Ann Johnstone and the men’s teams of Paul McKinnel, Lance Pascoe, Stephen Ditfort and Rodney Greaney. Great effort.
And a great effort from Chris Kibblewhite and Fiona Frew who faced Tayla Bruce and Cait Bassett from Burnside in the pairs final on finals weekend.
Well done to the triples teams of Lynne Brown and Pam Phair who played in the Centre woman’s triples post section. The Paul McKinnel and Gary Lawson skipped triples also reached the Centre triples post section.

Congratulations to the triples teams of Rodney Greaney, Steve Ditfort and Ian Rule and John Mears, Dave Vujcich and Liam Eathorne who played each other in the final at finals weekend.
Well done to Bev Morel, Don Baker and Bruce Humphreys who won the Centre O60s triples.
Well done to the fours teams of Rod Greaney, Paul McKinnel, Lance Pascoe, Bev Morel and Pam Phair who qualified for post section play.
Rod Greaney’s team of Stephen Ditfort, Liam Eathorne and Ian Rule qualified for the semi final of the men’s fours in finals weekend as did the Bev Morel combination of Jan Shirley, Sherrie Cottle and Tania Woodham who will play in the final.
The John Mears skipped mixed fours team reached the semi final stage of the Centre mixed fours.
Congratulations to the mixed pairs teams that qualified for post section play. Paul McKinnel & Pam Phair, Bev Morel & John Mears, Neil & Mary Ann Johnstone and Bruce Humphreys & Lois Grey.
Well done to Neil & Mary Ann Johnstone and Bruce Humphreys & Lois Grey who qualified for semi finals on finals weekend.
Well done to Neil Johnstone and Dave Vujcich who made post section of the O60 pairs.


John Mears, Bev Morel, Bruce Humphreys and Don Baker won the O60 fours defeating Dave Vujcich, Pam Phair, Mary Anne Johnstone and Neil Johnstone in the semi final.


Finals Weekend.
       February 1 & 2.
Elmwood Park showed its over-all club strength by the fact that 10 teams were involved in finals.

Sevens in action.

A mixed day for the 7s. A convincing win to the men who really did play well in defeating Papanui Club.

Singles: K. Scott 21-14   Pairs: N. Glasson 15-9   Fours: L. Pascoe 21-4
The women lost to Burnside.
Singles: C. Kibblewhite 7 – 21   Pairs: B. Morel 7 – 25   Fours: M. Boyd 14 – 11

In a very close encounter Rodney Greaney, Steve Ditfort and Ian Rule defeated John Mears, David Vujcich and Liam Eathorne in an all Elmwood Park triples final. 15 – 13. Congratulations to Rod Greaney who earned his Centre gold star.



Runners Up: Rodney Greaney, Steve Ditfort, Ian Rule and Liam Eathorne to Burnside in the men’s fours, 7 – 17

Runners Up: Bev Morel, Jan Shirley, Sherrie Cottle and Tania Woodham to Redcliffs-Mt. Pleasant in the women’s fours, 15 – 16.

Runners Up: Chris Kibblewhite and Fiona Frew in the women’s pairs to Burnside, 14 – 15. This went to an extra end with Chris and Fiona holding 3 shots. Tayla Bruce played a bomb and the jack pinged forward instead of the usual backwards movement.



Winner: Mandy Boyd who defeated Rebecca Jelfs, Canterbury 2017, in the singles, 21 – 18.

Runners Up: Neil Johnstone and Mary Ann Johnstone to Christchurch, 10 – 11, in the mixed pairs.

Runner Up: Rodney Greaney to Joseph van der Pennen, Bowls Papanui, in the singles, 10 – 21.


Well done to all the finalists, you have done the club proud.


New Zealand Nationals: Pairs and singles.
January 2 – 8 saw the NZ bowling nationals singles and pairs championships played around Christchurch greens. Elmwood Park was, as expected, well represented and had  some successes.
Although he failed to qualify Rodney Greaney’s defeat of Blackjack Ali Forsyth 21 – 2, was a super impressive result.
Singles qualifiers: Gary Lawson   Chris Kibblewhite   Tania Woodham   Mandy Boyd
Pairs qualifiers: Chris Kibblewhite & Fiona Frew   Bev Morel & Sherrie Cottle   Mandy Boyd & Angela Boyd   Pam Phair & Tania Woodham  Jan Shirley & Kelly McKerihen   Nathan Glasson & Jordan King   Ali Forsythe & Gary Lawson

Congratulations to Nathan Glasson who reached the men’s pairs semi final gaining a bronze medal.



Congratulations to Tania Woodham who fell just short of the women’s singles quarter finals.


It was good to see many Elmwood Park members around the greens supporting the playing members.

New Zealand National Fours:
Congratulations to Gary Lawson who has further etched his name into Bowls New Zealand’s history books, winning an unprecedented 14th national title winning 18 – 16.
In a four hour marathon including 6 killed ends he came from behind, 12 – 16 on the 16th end, he played a brilliant shot on the 17th coming from 1 down sitting an opposition bowl and turning it into 3 to make it 15 – 16. One on the 18th and an extra end was forced. In the extra end Lawson’s team was always in control and consequently won the extra end.

Gary Lawson is presented with his third gold star for his 15th national title (including a 2009 national club title)

Elmwood Park should feel proud as in Mike Kernaghan’s team were Kelvin Scott and Lance Pascoe, two club members.
A wonderful game of fours.

Mandy Boyd and Angela Boyd reached the quarter finals in post section play while Rodney Greaney, Stephen Ditfort, Liam Eathorne and Ian Rule reached the second round of section play.

20- 6 – 20
The covid delayed final of the Canterbury Bowls3Five competition was held at Riccarton Racecourse Bowling Club on a very cold and miserable morning.

Elmwood Park played Canterbury 2017 and won 2 – 1.
Elmwood Park travelled down to Dunedin to play on the 27th June 2020 to play in the South Island final.
A great result from Dunedin. Two wins against Meadowbank and Te Rangi.
A place in this year’s Bowls3Five televised league was up for grabs at the Naenae Bowling Club on the weekend of August 1-2.



What a superb performance by our Elmwood Park Bowls3Five team, national winners of the Bowls3Five competition.
Round 3:   Defeated Blenheim 3 – 0
Final: Defeated Manurewa 3 – 0.


Elmwood Park won the three match final 3-0, but Manurewa had already done enough to clinch the last berth in the televised league with the Canterbury champions assured of their place having finished runners-up to Stoke last year.
Elmwood Park member Gary Lawson says Manurewa are “going to be worthy competitors in the TV event”, but winning the Bowls3Five interclub title is “unbelievable” for his club.
“It’s one of the great events and for our club to win it is awesome.
“It doesn’t matter that we’re already in it, this meant a lot to us.”


Fellow Elmwood Park skip Lance Pascoe was presented with his silver star for winning his fifth national title and Lawson says they “were playing for him out there”.


Congratulations to Liam Eathorne who won his first national title.




The teams were: Gary Lawson   Mandy Boyd   Liam Eathorne          Kelvin Scott   Stephen Ditfort   Jan Shirley
Lance Pascoe   Nathan Glasson   Bev Morel

The Elmwood Park Bowling Club is so proud of these members.

Club Championships 2019 - 20

EventWinnerPost Section
Women's SinglesP. PhairLost Round 1
Men's SinglesK. ScottLost Round 1
L. Eathorne [Riccarton Racecourse]Through to Finals DayPostponed
Women's PairsJ. Shirley Ta. WoodhamLost Round 1
Men's PairsP. McKinnel D. BakerLost Round 2
Women's TriplesP. Phair M.A. Johnstone C. GeeThrough to Finals DayPostponed
Men's TriplesJ. Mears L. Eathorne I. RuleThrough to Finals DayPostponed
Women's FoursB. Morel F. Frew S. Cottle Ta. WoodhamLost Round 1
Men's FoursG. Lawson K. Scott L. Pascoe N. GlassonThrough to Finals DayPostponed
Men's 1st & 2nd Year SinglesL. VujcichDid not qualify
U5 Men's SinglesL. Vujcich
U5 Women's SinglesE. Robbins
Handicap SinglesNot completed
Handicap PairsJ. Wagner & G. Edlin
Intermediate SinglesNot completed


Kelvin Scott
Two club championships     Fours   Singles
2 club titles
Tania Woodham
Two club championships     Fours   Pairs
3 club titles
Pam Phair
Two club championships     Singles   Triples
20 club titles



Elmwood Park Gold Star Awards.

Ian Rule    4th bar to Gold Star     25 titles

Pam Phair     3rd bar to Gold Star     20 titles

Sherrie Cottle     2nd bar to Gold Star     15 titles




Elmwood Park Bowling Club. Bowlers of the Year.
 Here is the criteria used.
 * National open championships (singles, pairs, fours) -Must be a Elmwood Park team, it cannot be a composite team in fours or pairs.          Winner:   100     Runner-up:   50     Third Equal:   25
 * Pathways Championships:          N.Z. Winner:   60     Runner up:   25     Third Equal:   10
 * Canterbury Championships:     singles, pairs, triples, fours, mixed pairs, mixed fours (including champion of champions)     Winner:   25      Runner-up:   10     Third equal:   5
 * Club Champions (singles, pairs, triples, fours)     Winner:   10     Runner-up:   5
 * Club Championships (handicap singles, handicap pairs, Elmwood Park fours, President’s triples, James Egan triples)     Winner:   4     Runner-up:   2

No awards were made as the season was not completed. It is hoped that some games will be completed early in the 2020 – 21 season.

Local Specials.
Elmwood Park 5½    Diana Isaac 2½
Elmwood Park retained the Fenwood Duster by 179 – 161.
Elmwood Park and Rangiora play for two trophies; the Gig Thomas Trophy and the John Emmett Trophy.
This year Rangiora won them both.


The Elmburn Shield.
v Burnside
Elmwood Park won for the fourth consecutive year but it was a close one. Elmwood Park had 8 wins, Burnside 7 wins and one game was drawn.
Games against Woodend and Parklands were cancelled.

Internal Competitions.

1.   R. Hooper   B. Fergusson   S. Clements
2.   A. Reid   B. Barkle   V. Maunsell
3.   K. Nicholson   L. Vujcich   C. Stevens



James Egan Memorial Triples:

1.   P. McKinnel   B. Fergusson   M. O’Loughlin
2=   K. Nicholson   G. Lowe   D. White                        D. Vujcich   D. Carter   D. Pidhirny  




Champion of Champions Finals Weekend.
Participants would have been:
* Men’s fours. Gary Lawson   Lance Pascoe   Kelvin Scott   Nathan Glasson
* Men’s triples. John Mears   Liam Eathorne   Ian Rule
* Women’s triples. Pam Phair   Mary Ann Johnstone   Cheryl Gee
* Men’s singles. Representing Riccarton Racecourse. Liam Eathorne

Post Christmas Interclub Highlights.
* The Watson Shield team who won their section, [without having to play a “catch up” game.] .
* Men’s 8s Division 1 who easily won their division, [with a week to spare.] .
* Men’s 8s Division 3 finishing 2nd. .
* Women’s 8s Division 1 finishing 3rd. .
* The O60 7s teams who finished 2nd and 2nd= in their respective sections
* The Bowls3Five team won their section and won the Canterbury final in a covid forced delay and then progressing to win the national Bowls3Five title. Some achievement.

Post Christmas Results Summary. 2019 - 20

PlayedWonDrewLostPlacePlayoffsFinals Day
Men Watson Shield241951stWon the playoff to reach finalPostponed
Men 8s Div 1 EP 12117 41st
Men 8s Div 3 EP 22114 162nd
Men 8s Div 4 EP 32151157th
Manning Cup Sec A146 813=
Women 8s Div 12111373rd
Bowls3five2115 61stWon playoffs to play South Island final. Won South Island final.Won national title
Vets 7s Sec 3 EP 1181262nd=
Vets 7s Sec 4 EP 2211472nd
Edwards Cup EP Blue42263131st
Edwards Cup EP Gold42193203rd
The most successful Edwards Cup skips were W. Leney, 10 wins, B. Prouting, 9 wins and S. Greenland, 7 wins.

The closure of the woman’s Bernie Bigg weekly competition. Fendalton and Barrington United were unable to play Bernie Bigg this year so competition did not take place.
The Bernie Bigg Trophy was a relative newcomer to the tournament scene having begun in the 2005 – 6 season. It had become a very popular competition.
In the 2016 – 17 season with St. Albans-Merivale unable to be guaranteed of fielding three teams each week it was decided to join forces with Elmwood, and members of both clubs were distributed among the teams.
Recent Results:
2008 – 9   Fendalton          2009 – 10   United          2010 – 11   Elmwood          2011 – 12   Fendalton          2012 – 13   St. Albans-Merivale
2013 – 14   Barrington United          2014 – 15   Barrington United          2015 – 16   Fendalton          2016 – 17   Fendalton          2017 – 18   Elmwood Park Gold
2018 – 19   Fendalton

* The failure of the club to continue to field a woman’s fives team after playing in the first round.
* That there was only one woman’s team entered in interclub after Christmas.
* That only the elite bowlers participated in the Bowls3Five.
* The defaulting of the Div. 4 men’s eights in round 7


Closing Day.
Not what you would normally expect!!




Comments and thoughts are those of MuzzaWeb and may not be the official view of the Elmwood Park Bowling Club.