Newsletter. December 2019.

ELMWOOD PARK BOWLING CLUB. Newsletter: December 2019.
Bowls is such a diverse game and the fortunes of the Elmwood Park club this season, shows that very clearly.
At the top end of the scale the Elmwood Park Saints are a showpiece on national television, while other members of the club just enjoy our idyllic setting playing in the local interclub competitions, right down to the midweek “friendlies”.
Congratulations to the Saints, who have played so well in the televised Bowls3Five series, reaching the play-offs. They’ll be up against an equally strong Stoke Valley Vipers in their next outing, trying to progress through to the Grand Final.

The series has created tremendous interest for all club members and we wish them well in their quest to be national champions. In fact, an energetic group of fans travelled from Christchurch to Auckland to cheer the Saints on and, from the stories of their escapade, everyone enjoyed a fervent and rather liquid trip.


The club has played well in the local interclub competitions, especially at the top level, where the men’s and women’s sevens are contesting the top positions with very consistent results.
Congratulations to the five Elmwood Park teams which qualified for the centre women’s and men’s fours, to be played this weekend. Bev Morel’s combination of Jan Shirley, Sherrie Cottle and Tania Woodham, and Pam Phair who skipped Mary Ann Johnstone, Pam Nicholson and Emily Robbins, each winning their two opening pool games and didn’t need a third win to qualify. Both will be at the Belfast green at 9a.m. on Sunday, with Bev’s team playing against Norma Hutchison of Papanui, and Pam being matched up against Cait Bassett from Burnside. Good luck to you all.
The club has three very strong teams in the post section men’s fours and likewise, we wish the teams skipped by Lance Pascoe, Rodney Greaney and Paul McKinnell the very best of luck when they start their march to the finals. Pascoe’s combination of Kelvin Scott, Nathan Glasson and Ricky Cook will be up against Dave Vincent’s four from Hornby in their opening match at Burnside on Sunday. Greaney’s regular team of Stephen Ditfort, Liam Eathorne and Ian Rule will face Andrew Bramham of Halswell, while McKinnel’s four including Scott Greenland, Don Baker and Neil Johnstone meet Rohan Ware, of Christchurch.
Functions:     The Importance as a Fundraiser.
During the month of November twentytwo private functions have been held at our venues at Heaton Street and Donald Place with people from law, accounting, architecture, police, medical, construction, building and travel companies attending these functions. Many of these were repeat attendees, emphasizing the enjoyment of everybody involved. This amounted to over 600 people using our facilities and over 120 man hours were involved.
The gross income the club has received so far, is:
Green fees $6000.00
Facility hire $1950.00
Bar sales $14000.00
These figures have exceeded previous years and now we roll into December, which is potentially even busier. The club should be very grateful in acknowledging the never ending efforts of Dave Vujcich and Erin Hyde in controlling these income attracting function and all the helpers who assist them.
News from Elmwood Park’s very own ambassador in China, Jonathan Flint.
“Flinty “is presently living in Foshan, Guangdong, helping his wife develop two small businesses but has been unable to play bowls. He describes the green he tried once in Guangzhou as “rubbish” and therefore the seasonal sub of $NZ 500 cannot be justified. He says he is missing playing but is fit and well and enjoying life in China, in spite of not being able to get a work visa.
He says “I think about you guys a lot and hope everyone has a great season.”
“The Chinese beer here is cheap and not too bad. About $1 to $2 NZD for a 600ml bottle from the supermarket.
“My local pub is Morgan’s bar (English bar) in Guangzhou (about 90 minutes travel from Foshan) and I’ve already met a lot of xpats from NZ, Aussie, South Africa, and the UK. I watched the entire World Cup at Morgan’s.”
Good to see Flinty has maintained traditional Kiwi traits!
Elmwood Park is well represented in the Canterbury quadrangular teams, with Chris Kibblewhite and Tania Woodham teaming up in the women’s pairs and Jan Shirley playing second in the triples. Emily Robbins
has begun her representative career by skipping the triples in the development team.
The senior men’s team sees Kelvin Scott leading in the pairs, and Lance Pascoe and Steve Ditford combining as skip and third in the fours.
Results:      Chris Kibblewhite and Tania Woodham, women’s pairs: 2 wins     Jan Shirley, second in the women’s triples: 2 wins     Emily Robbins, skipping the triples in the women’s development team: 2 wins     The senior men’s team, Kelvin Scott leading in the pairs: 3 wins     Lance Pascoe and Steve Ditford, skip and third in the fours: 3 wins.

Sadly a very popular club member, Ken Hyde, passed away last month and the club’s sympathy is given to his wife, Olwyn. As usual, there was a strong club contingent at Ken’s funeral and everybody remembered the fun and good humour Ken and Olwyn always showed on our green.