Interclub Teams . Club Championship Draws.

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Bowls3Five: Wednesday January 29 @ Lincoln 6.00
1] G. Lawson   N. Glasson   B. Morel          2] K. Scott   P. McKinnel   J. Shirley          3] D. Vujcich   L. Eathorne   P. Phair

Finals Weekend @ New Brighton February 1 & 2 9.00     Times not confirmed            No interclub
8.30 Sat. Men’s Sevens: v Papanui Club [final]     .
Women’s Sevens: v Burnside [final]     Singles: C. Kibblewhite     Pairs: B. Morel   J. Shirley     Fours: M. Boyd   P. Phair   F. Frew   S. Cottle     Reserve: M.A. Johnstone
11.00 Sat Men’s Fours: R. Greaney [semi final]          Mixed Pairs: Neil & Mary Ann Johnstone [semi final] .
2.30 Sat. Men’s Singles: R. Greaney [semi final]          Mixed Pairs: Bruce Humphreys & Lois Grey. [semi final] .
8.30 Sun. Men’s Triples: R. Greaney v J. Mears [final] .
11.00 Sun. Women’s Pairs: C. Kibblewhite [final]          Women’s Singles: M. Boyd [final]          Women’s Fours: B. Morel [final].

Edwards Cup: Monday February 3rd @ Donald Place 
Elmwood Blue v Fendalton
Elmwood Blue
D. Vujcich   R. Wear   M. O’Loughlin   B. Fergusson           W. Leney   A. Reid   N. Greenslade   D. Pidhirny           B. Prouting   P. Trevella   P. Nash   B. Smith
Elmwood Gold v Barrington
Elmwood Gold
S. Greenland   G. Lowe   B. Milner   O. Simonsen           K. Nicholson   T. Doocey   M. Phillips   R. Phair           P. Felton   J. Irving   B. McIntosh   P. Morel
8 – 2 – 20 Saturday Interclub.
Women’s 8s Div. 1: v Lincoln @ Lincoln 1.30
Pairs: B. Morel    F. Frew          M.A. Johnstone   J. McKinnel                    Fours: P. Phair   J. Shirley   Th. Woodham   C. Gee
Manning Cup:  v Cashmere @ Cashmere 1.30
Ken Nicholson   Pam Nicholson   Peter Nash   Ron Phair               Barry Milner   Kevin White   June Smith♠   Peter Duke
♥ Return scorecards to Donald Place
Reserves:  Don Pidhirny   Mike O’Loughlin   Dennis White    Kurt Geiger   Bruce McIntosh
If any changes required please contact Brian Smith in the absence of Peter Alty till 3 February.


Club Championship Draws.

Handicap Pairs     Updated 23/1
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Women’s 5 Years and Younger Club Championship     Updated 6/12 Completed
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Women’s Fours
    Updated 25/1 Completed
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