Teams . Club Championship Draws.

Tuesday Friendlies.
The Tuesday Friendlies Competition will begin on 29 October. Once the season’s draw has been received and teams finalised, an information sheet will be placed in the lockers of all those who indicated that they wished to take part.

A copy will also be on the pinboard.

Edwards Cup Monday 21st October @ Fendalton    Changes,
Elmwood Blue v Barrington United
B. Prouting   .P Trevella   B. Smith   V. Smith           R. Wear   C. Sherratt   P. Nash   B. Fergusson           W. Leney   D. Vujcich   B. Barkle   O. Dryland
Elmwood Gold v Fendalton
S. Greenland.   B. Milner   P. Smith T.   Edlin          K. Nicholson   M. Phillips   B. McIntosh   P. Morel           G. Lowe   T. Doocey   J. Irving   D. Carter

Over 60s Double Pairs.
Round 1 Monday 21st  October. 9.30.
Section 2: Elmwood Park 1 v Parklands 3 @ Heaton Street     Ken Nicholson   Pam Nicholson          Neil Johnstone   Mary Ann Johnstone
Section 4: Elmwood Park 4 v Parklands 2 @ Parklands          Bev Morel   Ray Hooper      Pam Phair   Theresa Woodham
Section 5: Bye     Pam Rowley   Trish Peterson     Bruce Humphreys   Lesley Campbell
Section 6: Bye     Dave Vujcich   Shirley Herd          Lynne Brown   Tim Sandrey
Reserves: Cheryl Gee , Peter Duke , Don Pidhirny , Norm Elstob ,

Format: Scores from each end will be entered onto a SINGLE scoreboard, i.e. a combined score. 6 points / win , 3 points / draw
Contact Person Scott Greenland 021399272
There are no games on 28th  The O60’s Double Triples start on 29th . Teams for this will be posted next week 

Saturday Interclub.
Women’s 7s
Saturday October 26 v Canterbury @ Heaton Street 1.30
Singles:   C. Kibblewhite          Pairs:   B. Morel   J. Shirley          Fours:   M. Boyd   P. Phair   M.A. Johnstone   S. Cottle.
Reserve & singles marker:   F. Frew
Women’s 2/4s Saturday October 26 v Parklands 1 @ Donald Place 1.30
Kirsten Rowe   Mary Ellis   Joyce McKinnel   Pam Nicholson                         Pam Rowley   Teresa Woodham   Leslie Campbell   Cheryl Gee


Edwards Cup Monday 28th October Labor Day. No games.


Edwards Cup Monday 4th November @ Barrington United 
Elmwood Blue v Elmwood Gold
B. Prouting   D. Grice   C. Sherratt   D. Pidhirny           R. Wear   B. Smith   R. Scott   P. Alty           A. Reid   P. Trevella   B. Barkle   B. Fergusson
Elmwood Gold v Elmwood Blue 
S. Greenland   J. Irving   T. Edlin   D. Carter          K. Nicholson   P. Smith   W. Price   P. Morel          G. Lowe   T. Doocey   M. Phillips   R. Phair


Club Championship Draws.

Women’s Singles     Updated 19/20
Women’s Pairs
Women’s Triples
Women’s Fours
Men’s Singles
Men’s Pairs
Men’s Triples
Men’s Fours Championship.
3 wins to qualify for post section, Nov. 30 1.00

Rd 1 Oct. 26 1.00         G. Lawson v D. Vujcich           P. Trevella v S. Greenland           R. Greaney v J. Mears
Rd 2 Nov. 16 9.00        G. Lawson v J. Mears               D. Vujcich  v P. Trevella              S. Greenland v R. Greaney
Rd 3 Nov. 16 12.30      G. Lawson v S. Greenland        D. Vujcich v J. Mears                  P. Trevella v R. Greaney
Rd 4 Nov. 23 1.00        G. Lawson v  P. Trevella           D. Vujcich v R. Greaney             S. Greenland v J. Mears