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12 – 9 – 19
Elmwood Park Bowling Club has been named as the seventh team to compete in this year’s expanded Bowls3Five televised league and the Canterbury representatives boast a stellar line-up.|
Bowls3Five is a new fast format of the game which aims to provide a competition where everyone interested can get involved. Depending on the competition you play in, you can face a set number of ends, a shot clock, double points, and a tiebreaker end.
Bowls3Five LIVE! This is the televised league that is broadcast live on SKY Sport for six weeks From October 23 to November 28, 2018. The Bowls3Five Televised League will be played at New Lynn Bowling Club on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

The team includes the following members:     Gary Lawson, Steve Ditfort, Kelvin Scott, Nathan Glasson, Lance Pascoe, Mandy Boyd, Jan Shirley and Bev Morel.

7 – 8   – 19
Blackjacks for Multi Nations (18-24 November) & Trans-Tasman (25-27 November) have been selected.
Congratulations to Gary Lawson for making the team.

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2 – 8 – 19
Neighbours fired up over planned Elmwood Park development.
Read an article in the Nor’West News.        [Page 6.]

30 – 7 – 19
A new ranking system that Bowls New Zealand is devising is hoped to be the catalyst to identifying some of the country’s best performing players, with Bowls New Zealand set to capture results and data to spotlight the best of the best.

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Bowls New Zealand Rankings System (pilot stage)       2018/19 season


  1. Taylor Horn
  2. Andrew Kelly
  3. Shannon McIlroy
  4. =Richard Hocking & Gary Lawson
  5. Kelvin Scott
  6. Jordan King
  7. =Dean Elgar & Chris Lowe
  8. Lance Pascoe


  1. Debbie White
  2. Kirsten Edwards
  3. Lisa Prideaux
  4. Selina Goddard
  5. Leigh Griffin
  6. Linda Ralph
  7. Amy Mcllroy
  8. Catherine Bien
  9. Ling Qu
  10. =Estelle Hickey & Val Smith
    A new and improved Bowls New Zealand Rankings System will be made available next season.
    Apparently every bowler is to have a ranking. The mind boggles!!! MuzzaWeb can’t help but wonder where he will be ranked???/ And what will it mean?
14 – 5 – 19
Elmwood Park has received notification that as from the 20 May Nurse Maude has withdrawn permission for bowlers to park on their property. Hence the gate into their  property at Donald Place will be permanently locked from the 20th may and the key removed.

Inside Bowls. Click on the bowl to access this very good magazine. [July 2019 edition]

10 – 12 – 18
Elmwood Park received the Gold Club Check.
Pam Phair, club president, receiving the certificate from Bowls New Zealand’s Lorraine McLeod.
ClubCheck is Bowls NZ’s best practice club assessment tool designed to improve club capability and sustainability. Its scope covers all aspects of the club’s operations including planning and implementation, financial management, volunteer management, community involvement, on green activities and off green operating processes.
ClubCheck assessments are conducted by an external assessor and successful clubs can achieve Bronze, Silver or Gold Awards which are valid for a two year period before revalidation is required.
Read Mark Cameron’s thoughts on the recent Bowls3five. Click on the BNZ icon.
26 – 11 – 18                         

Bowls  is changing. Not because it wants to but because it has to.
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Bowls revolution takes hold

25 – 2 – 18
The old Curves Gym at Donald Place has been replaced by zumba classes.

JB Anderson is a Christchurch-based Zumba instructor. Her love for dance lead on to Zumba, which is her ideal exercise. It’s about getting out, letting loose and having fun…toning up and losing weight are just side effects. Not only can anyone Zumba (We do mean anyone!) but everyone does so differently.

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Click here for JB’s facebook page.

23 – 2 – 18

New signage at Donald Place. Looks good too.


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