The Year in Review. 2018 – 19.

Pre Christmas Interclub Highlights:

  • 2/4s ladies who won their Div. 1 and 4 sections.
  • 3/4s men who came second in their section.
  • The success of the midweek teams:
    • Vets double triples had both teams in the final playoffs won by Team 2
    • Vets double pairs who had all three teams in the final playoffs won by Team 1
    • The Rountree Cup ladies undefeated in section play and consequently won a rain delayed final
    • Mixed tens who came first.

Pre Christmas Results Summary. 2018.

PlayedWonDrawLostPlacePlay Offs
Men's 3/4sDiv. 1 Sec. 2211562ndRunners up at finals weekend playoffs
Men's 2/4sDiv. 212575th
Men's 2/4sDiv. 3125256th
Men's 2/4sDiv. 5122197th
Men's 2/4sDiv. 710285th=
Under 8s FoursDiv. 3 Sec. 55234th
Woman's 2/4sDiv. 114951st
Woman's 2/4sDiv. 410911st
FivesDiv. 412665th
Rountree CupSec. 3661stWinning finalist in playoffs.
Mixed TensSec. 1281991st
Vets Double PairsSec. 1771stWinning finalist in playoffs.
Vets Double PairsSec. 27611stLosing semi finalist in playoffs
Vets Double PairsSec. 3771stLosing finalist in playoffs
Vets Double TriplesSec. 11210201stLosing finalist in playoffs
Vets Double TriplesSec. 210731stWinning finalist in playoffs.
Edwards CupEP Blue2416351st
Edwards CupEP Gold2492133rd
Bernie BiggEP 146172nd

Representative Honours:

Southern Quad.

Senior Team:  Men’s Pairs: Gary Lawson (S) and Jason Dunn  Men’s fours: Liam Eathorne  Women’s pairs: Chris Kibblewhite
Developmental Team:  Women’s fours: Tania Woodham
Country:  Pairs: Rodney Greaney

Majorie Gundry:  Tania Woodham

Town v Country.
Players were chosen either the Country Team or the Town Team via their club affiliation.
Town: Senior Men 1   Liam Eathorne   Gary Lawson   Senior Men 2    Steve Ditfort   Senior Women 2   Chris Kibblewhite  Development Women 1  Tania Woodham
Country: Senior Men 1   Mat Bassett   Rodney Greaney

Canterbury O60 representatives: Lois Grey, Bev Morel, Pam Phair and Ian Rule

Northern Quad:   Gary Lawson   Liam Eathorne   Steve Ditfort   Chris Kibblewhite

Canterbury National Intercentre team:   Gary Lawson

Two of our cub members participated in the U26 tournament held at Burnside.

Mat Bassett won five games in section play and qualified in the division 1 post section play. He was defeated in round 1 by Sheldon Bagrie-Howley, a finalist in that division.


Liam Eathorne won four games in section play and qualified in the division 2 post section play. He was defeated in the first round.


Centre Talk!
Tania Woodham, Chris Kiblewhite, Sherrie Cottle and Fiona Frew qualified for post section.
In post section singles Sherrie Cottle was defeated in the third round by eventual finalist Burnside’s Cait Bassett while the others made earlier exits.

Jonathan Flint and Rodney Greaney qualified for men’s post section singles play. They faced each in post section which Greaney won but was defeated next round by Burnside’s Richard Hocking.
Neil Johnstone made the post-section of the over 60 singles.
Bruce Humphreys went through to the final of the under 8s singles to be played on finals day; he would play Phil Austin from Halswell.
Tania Woodham also made post section in the women’s under 8s.


Fiona Frew and Chris Kibblewhite, Lois Grey and Lynne Brown and Mary Ann Johnstone and Joyce McKinnel who qualified for post section play in the women’s Centre pairs.
In post section one semifinal was played between two Elmwood Park teams. In a great game Fiona Frew and Chris Kibblewhite were defeated by Mary Ann Johnstone and Joyce McKinnel 12 – 13. They would play Tayla Bruce and Cait Bassett at finals weekend.



The men also had success in the Centre  pairs with Gary Lawson and Jason Dunn, Stephen Ditfort and Ian Rule, Paul McKinnel and Don Baker and Liam Eathorne and Mat Bassett qualifying for post section play.

Bruce Humpreys qualified under the Beckenham banner.

Paul McKinnel and Don Baker advanced to finals day when they would play Burnside’s Richard Hocking in the semifinal.



Rodney Greaney, Stephen Ditfort and Ian Rule team qualified for post-section in the Centre men’s triples: they reached the semifinals. They would play Tony Marshall from Riccarton Racecourse on finals weekend.

Bruce Humphreys qualified under the Beckenham banner.

The women’s triples team of Chris Kiblewhite, Fiona Frew and Theresa Woodham were in the finals of the Centre triples. In an all Elmwood Park affair in a semifinal they defeated Lynne Brown, Pam Rowley and Lesley Campbell. Chris’s team would face Tayla Bruce from Burnside in the final.


Two women’s teams qualified for post section in the Centre fours.
Lois Grey, Lynne Brown,  Pam Nicholson and Joyce McKinnel along with Bev Morel, Sherrie Cottle, Chris  Kibblewhite and Fiona Frew. They obviously survived an early start and a long journey to Methven.
The hard luck story goes to the fours team of Pam Rowley, Lesley Campbell, Mary Ellis and Tania Woodham who lost each of their three games by only a point, an extra end included in there, and had to face two Burnside fours of Tayla Bruce and Angela Boyd, both Black Jacks. A great effort.
The fours teams of John Mears, Paul McKinnel, Don Baker and  Liam Eeathorne and Gary Lawson, Stephen Ditfort, Lance Pascoe and Mat Bassett also qualified for post section play. A good effort by the John Mears four in post section play saw them unfortunately beaten in the quarter finals

Finals Weekend. January 26 & 27.

A sea of blue and gold.

     6 Titles!!     


Finals Weekend. Sunday Action at Parklands.
Women’s pairs Congratulations to Mary Ann Johnstone and Joyce McKinnel who won the women’s pairs 21 – 5 against Burnside’s Tayla Bruce.
Women’s triples final. Congratulations to Chris Kibblewhite  Fiona Frew  and Theresa Woodham for defeating Burnside 16 – 10 in the woman’s triples.
Congratulations to John Mears, Don Baker and Bruce Humphreys for winning the Over 60 triples against Halswell 18 – 4.
Congratulations to Bruce Humphreys who played really well to beat Phil Austen of Halswell 21 – 15
Congratulations to Rodney Greaney, Stephen Ditfort and Ian Rule for winning the men’s triples title.
Congratulations to Paul McKinnel and Pam Phair for winning the mixed pairs by beating club members Bev Morel and Jason Dunn 10 – 7.
Special mention too for the men’s 3/4s who were defeated by Burnside. Burnside won 18-16, 19-15, 16-18, thus winning the aggregate 53 – 49. A close tussle.

Post Christmas Interclub Highlights:

  • 2/3s women winning Division 4.
  • EP Blue winning the Edwards Cup.
  • 8s  Division 2 men second in their section.
  • Watson Shield squad winning their section and making playoffs and eventually winning.
  • Vets 7s. Both teams won their sections but both fell at the ployoff semi final stage.

Post Christmas Results Summary.

Men Watson Shield2820 81stWon the Watson Shield at finals playoff
Men 8s Div 2 EP 11811 252nd
Men 8s Div 4 EP 21810 173rd=
Men 8s Div 5 EP 3217 1137th
Men 8s Div 5 EP 4216 158th
U8 Div 3 Sec D72 57th=
Manning Cup Sec A146 813th=
Women 7s Div 1219 276th
Women 8s Div 1159 62nd
Women 8s Div 4155 195th
Women 2/3s Div 4108 21st
Bowls3five188 105th
Vets 7s Sec B EP 12116 51stLost semi final
Vets 7s Sec D EP 21512 31stLost semi final
Edwards Cup EP Blue4531 3111st
Edwards Cup EP Gold4518 2253rd
Bernie Bigg3315 3152nd

Domestic Club Tournaments:
This year Elmwood Park completed its programme of matches against other clubs by visiting playing against five clubs! All five interclub games against Parklands, Fendalton, Rangiora, Burnside and Woodend have been won by Elmwood Park, a great, and we think, unprecedented result!
In these events it has been great to see a very happy mixture of former Elmwood Bowling Club and St Albans-Merivale Bowling Club members in the Elmwood Park shirts and to hear everyone saying how much they have enjoyed themselves.
8 – 12 – 18
Elmwood Park regained the Fenwood Duster by 123 – 101.
EP  3 wins 2 draws   Fen  2 wins  2 draws

Fendalton had added the latest dates and “revamped” the duster.

Alastair Stokes handing over the Duster.


14 – 2 – 19


Jos van Djik handing over  the Parklands Challenge Cup to Neil Johnstone. Elmwood Park retained the cup by winning today by 198 – 136. It was 3 bowl triples of 10 ends and 2 games with each team moving on after the completion of the game.
Good weather, a good green and good company, what more could you ask for? A wonderful day at Parklands.


7 – 3 – 19
The annual fixture between Elmwood Park and Rangiora was held at Donald Place. Rangiora was only able to provide 18 players, it was decided to play one game of 18 ends of 3 bowl triples.
Two trophies were played for; the Gig Thomas Trophy and the John Emmett Trophy.
The final results were, the Gig Thomas Trophy, Elmwood Park 2 – 1, while the John Emmett Trophy was a clean sweep to Elmwood Park 3 – 0.

23 – 3 – 19
The annual match between Elmwood Park and Burnside, for the Elmburn Shield, was played today, the 41st occasion it has been played for.
Two games of ten ends were played on superb greens with 18 participating teams  After the first round Elmwood Park led 7 – 2,with the final score being 12 – 6 to Elmwood Park.

Neil Johnstone from Elmwood Park accepting the shield from organizer Ken Wilson-Pyne and Burnside president Philippa Johnston.
No afternoon tea was served, the cost of putting that on was put towards the victims of the Friday massacre along with donations. Over $600 was raised.
26 – 3 – 19
The annual match between Elmwood Park and Woodend was played for The Woodelm Shield was won by Elmwood Park by 4 games to 2. A windy day on a lightning quick green made bowling interesting at times. The occasion was enjoyed by all and Woodend looked after us very well with a superb afternoon tea.

Club Championships, 2018 - 19

EventClub ChampionChampion of ChampionsFinals
Men's SinglesS. DitfortLost first round
R. Greaney [Allenton]3 wins qualifying for finals weekendChampion of Champions winner
Women's SinglesB. MorelLost first round
Men's PairsS. Ditfort I. Rule3 wins qualifying for finals weekendChampion of Champions winner
Women's PairsB. Morel S. Cottle3 wins qualifying for finals weekendChampion of Champions losing finalist
Men's TriplesP. McKinnel D. Baker R. HooperLost 1st round
R. Greaney [Allenton]3 wins qualifying for finals weekendChampion of Champions losing finalist
Women's TriplesC. Kibblewhite F. Frew Th. WoodhamLost 2nd round
Men's FoursR. Greaney S. Ditfort I. Rule P. MorelFirst round loss on the final end.
Women's FoursB. Morel S. Cottle C. Kibblewhite F. Frew2 wins qualifying for finals weekendChampion of Champions losing finalist
Men's 1st & 2nd YearL. VujcichLost first round
Men's U8sB. HumphreysLost first round
Women's U8sTa. Woodham2 wins qualifying for finals weekendChampion of Champions losing finalist
Handicap SinglesL. Vujcich
Handicap PairsD. Vujcich E. Hyde

Bev Morel
Three club championships.     Singles     Pairs     Fours
28 Club titles

Stephen Ditfort
Three club championships.     Singles     Pairs     Fours
27 Club titles

Sherrie Cottle
Two club championships.     Pairs     Fours
14 Club titles

Chris Kibblewhite
Two club  championships.    Triples     Fours
2 Club titles

Fiona Frew
Two club championships.    Triples     Fours
2 Club titles

Ian Rule
Two club championships.    Pairs     Fours
24 Club titles


Gold Star Awards.
Stephen Ditfort     4th bar to Gold Star [25 Club titles]     Ray Hooper     Gold Star [5 Club titles]

30 – 3 – 19
Congratulations Gary. Asia Pacific Championships 2019 squad announced and Gary Lawson is in the team. Gary is skipping the pairs and is third in the fours. The Asia Pacific Championships 2019 take place at Club Helensvale, Musgrave Hill and Broadbeach Bowls Clubs on June 18-28,
Read a N.Z. Herald article, Big Read: The return of New Zealand lawn bowls’ Prodigal Son Gary Lawson.



31 – 3 – 19

 Elmwood Park won the inaugural Canterbury Premier League title. This was played over a series of Sundays and culminated at Heaton Street with the final between Elmwood {ark and Halswell.
MuzzaWeb believes one of the reasons for this league was to give quality competition among some of Canterbury’s elite bowlers. It is hoped to run the league again next season.

Finals Weekend. April 13 & 14.

Another sea of blue and gold.

This shaped up to be another sea of blue and gold with six teams and one individual representing the Elmwood Park in chasing championship honours. It is also worth noting that club member Rodney Greaney represented  Allenton in two disciplines. This representation at this weekend just shows the strength of the Elmwood Park Club. Well  done, you have done us proud.

     4 Titles!!     

This was another sea of blue and gold.
Another successful finals day. Well done to all participants. Four titles and three runners up was a great achievement.

Congratulations to our men’s Watson Shield team which won this premier men’s event 3-1 over a strong Rangiora team. After a slow start, Gary Lawson, in the singles, played superb bowls to win his game 25 – 18; Steve Ditfort and Liam Eathorne lost in a tight pairs game, 15 – 20;  the triples team of Paul McKinnel, Dave Vujcich (again filling in for Don Baker) and Neil Johnstone got out of the blocks with a significant lead which they held on to wining 26 – 18; and the fours team of Rod Greaney, John Mears, Mat Bassett and Ian Rule were always narrowly in control of their game, playing great bowls to win 20 – 13.
Thanks also to Jonathan Flint and Bruce Humphreys for significant performances during the year in this team.    Since the Watson Shield has been the premier men’s event, Elmwood Park has won it 3 years out of 4, a magnificent effort.


Bev Morel and Sherrie Cottle went down to Allenton, 19 – 21, in the women’s pairs final.

Our Over 60’s Fours team of John Mears, Dave Vujcich (substituting for Don Baker who was ill), Bruce Humphreys and Lois Grey won the title in a nerve-wracking finish. After being 17 – 0 up halfway through the game (16 ends) against a strong Halswell side, the game completely turned around and the last end commenced with our team being only 2 up.   John Mears bowled the last bowl of the game with his team 3 down on the head, but produced a superb draw shot to get second shot and win the game.

Congratulations to Stephen Ditfort and Ian Rule who defeated convincingly Leeston 18 – 7 in the men’s pairs final.




Bev Morel, Sherrie Cottle,  Chris Kibblewhite and  Fiona Frew lost 14 – 15 against Woodend in the women’s fours final.


Tania Woodham went down 13 – 21 to Jenny Anderson of Woodend in the women’s U8 final. A meritorious effort as Tania played with an arm in a sling.



Rodney Greaney, representing Allenton, lost the men’s triples final, 10 – 21, but won the men’s singles final 21 – 14 against Belfast’s Mark Young.
Rodney played for Elmwood Park in interclub this year, his bowls have been exceptional this season.




Inaugural Champions.    Congratulations!!!          

Winners of the  first Centre Mixed Fours title, a comfortable win over Noel Alexander’s Rangiora team 22 – 10.

John Mears, David Vujcich, Theresa Woodham and Lois Grey.
This was Dave Vujcich’s first Centre title.

What a season is had been for the Elmwood Park Bowling Club, both pre and post Christmas with unprecedented success. It should be noted that the Club has won all of the specifically mixed events showcasing the strength of both men and women in the Club. Further the Club has won two of the four premier events, the men’s Watson Shield post Christmas and the Women’s Pennant Fours prior to Christmas.