Club Championships. Interclub Teams.

Canterbury Bowls Information Line:
Please use this to find out playing conditions on bad weather days.
351 2225


Saturday Interclub.   February 23

Vet 7s. Monday, February 25. 9.00
Team 1:  v Bowls Papanui 3 @ Heaton Street     Singles:  N. Johnstone     Pairs:  S. Greenland  L. Brown     Fours:  K. Nicholson   L. Grey  MA. Johnstone  P. Nicholson
Team 2:   v  Parklands 1 @ Parklands     Singles:  B. Humphreys     Pairs:  B.Morel  R. Hooper     Fours:  P. Phair  P. Rowley  P. Duke  T. Woodham
This is the last round for team 2 , team 1 still plays 11th and 18th March . No games next week 4 March.

Edwards Cup.  Monday, February 25. 1.00
@ Donald Place
EP Blue v BU   B. Prouting  B. Smith  R. Phair  B. Fergusson         R. Wear  P. Trevella  D. Grice  P. Alty        B. Milner  C. Sherratt  B. Barkle  O. Dryland
EP Gold v Fen   N. Johnstone  T. Sandrey  D. Sherriff  P. Duke         G. Lowe  B. McIntosh  P. Smith  L. Vujcich        S. Greenland  J. Irving  N. Greenslade  D. White
Bernie Bigg. Monday, February 25. 1.00
@ Barrington United
EP 1 v Fen 3   Joan Hazelhurst (S)   Ann de Lambert   June Smith          EP 2: v Fen 1   Pam Nicholson (S)   Hilary Orr   Sharon Clements          EP 3  v BU 2   Shirley Herd (S)   Margaret Wheatley   Ann Tindall
Skips please confirm with team
Trish away 19 February to March 1.  Any queries please refer to Shirley Herd
Tuesday Friendlies. February 26. 1.00
v Sumner @ Donald Place
Team 1:
Team 2: Kevin White  Michael French  Val Smith  Barbara Howcroft      DUTY TEAM
Team 3: John Irving  Bruce Fergusson  Eleanor Sweeney  Chris Littlewood
Bowls3Five. Wednesday February 27. 6.30
v Beckenham @ Beckenham
P. McKinnel   N. Johnstone   MA. Johnstone          S. Ditfort   F. Frew   I. Rule          L. Eathorne   D. Baker   B. Morel
Bernie Bigg. Monday, March 4. 1.00
@ Donald Place
EP 1 v BU 2   Pam Nicholson (S)   Trish Peterson   June Smith          EP 2 v Fen 3   Shirley Herd (S)   Eleanor Sweeney   Sharon Clements          EP 3   Bye
Skips please confirm with teams


Club Championships:

Please note carefully the play-by dates as advised already for the first two rounds of singles and pairs.   These will be strictly adhered to unless there are exceptional circumstances If you need to use a substitute, please obtain prior approval from Paul or Neil.


Championship Draws.

Handicap Singles.
This will be run as a round robin with the winner and runner up decided on wins  ends  points differential.
Scratch:  D. Grice  G. Edlin  M. Stewart        +5 P. Duke       +14 L. Vujcich

Result [winner] ScoreResult [winner]ScoreResult [winner]Score
Grice v EdlinGrice v StewartEdlin v Stewart
Grice v DukeEdlin v DukeP. Duke25 - 20Stewart v DukeM. Stewart21 - 19
Edlin v VujcichL. Vujcich29 - 24Grice v VujcichDuke v VujcichL. Vujcich26 - 16
Stewart v VujcichM. Stewart27 - 22

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