Officers and Club Officials. 2019 – 20 season.


:  John Elley, Owen Jones

President:  Pam Phair
Vice President:  Allan Reid

The Executive Committee:
Ron Phair (Chairperson), Scott Greenland, Lesley Campbell, Alan MacDonald, Barry Milner, Tim Sandrey, Murray Scott,  Mick Tarling
Secretary: Erin Hyde
Treasurer: Stephanie Davis
Administrator:  Erin Hyde
Club Captain:  Steve Ditfort     Centre Delegate:  Paul McKinnel   Substitute: Neil Johnstone
Green Superintendent:  Allan Reid     Greenkeepers:  Gary Lowe. Don Baker
Administration: Pam Phair, Erin Hyde
Almoner:  Owen Jones
Bar Managers:  David Vujcich, Mick Tarling
Budget and Finance: Allan MacDonald, David Vujcich, Steffany Davis
Catering:  Pam Nicholson
Coaches:  Brian Lyttle, Bev Morel, Allan Reid
Competitions/Match:  Neil Johnstone, Scott Greenland, Pam Phair
Elmwood Club Reps:  Ian Rule, Michael Stewart
Facilities/Health & Safety:  Kurt Geiger, Tim Sandrey, David Vujcich
Gardens:  Peter Duke, Don Pidhirny
Marketing/Sponsorship:  Tim Sandrey
Match Committee:  Paul McKinnel, Neil Johnstone, Mary Ann Johnstone
Newsletters:   Ken Nicholson, Erin Hyde
Recorders:  Mary Ann Johnstone, Murray Scott
Selectors (Men): Steve Ditfort, Peter Alty, Brian Lyttle, Brian Smith,       (Women):  Bev Morel, Sherrie Cottle,  June Smith
Social Committee:  Tim Sandrey, Steve Ditfort
Umpire:  David Vujcich
Under 5s:  Neil and Mary Ann Johnstone
Uniforms:  Erin Hyde
Bernie Bigg:  Trish Peterson     Edwards Cup: Brian Smith, Warren Price
Friday Open 4s Tournament:  Scott Greenland
Thursday Club Day: Peter Nash     Saturday Club Day:  Brian Barkle
Tuesday Friendlies:  John Irving, Lyndsay Froggatt, Kevin White
Website:  Murray Scott, Erin Hyde
Winter Indoor Bowls: Kurt Geiger (Monday), Lesley Campbell, Lois Grey (Wednesday)

Life Members:  Alison Bigg, Ann de Lambert, Mary Ann Johnstone, Owen Jones,
Mick Tarling, David Vujcich, Graham Wells, Gordon Whale

Learn the laws of the game and if you want to succeed practise as often as you can
and include the rolling of the jack.
Be proud of your club and protect it from gossip.
If you disapprove of some action taken by your committee tell the committee, not the world.
Support your club’s revenue making activities – the benefits will come back to you.