Coaching. Rules. Etiquette. 3

Practise drill for this unit.
Click on the bowl.

The 1 – 2 – 3s of Delivery.

The Stance.

Upright (semi upright) and relaxed.
Bowl held waist high.
Feet apart for balance.

Delivery Action.

Good back swing.
Left wrist rests on knee.
Step forward to line

Bowl Release.

Arm at vertical release.
Shoulders over the toe.
Head kept still with body balanced.

Bowl Delivery.

Arm follows through.
Rear foot remains on mat.

Body stays down on release.






Where do you aim your bowl? Here is a tip.

  A video demonstrating key points about the delivery.

   Another video demonstrating key points about the delivery.

*   Set realistic performance goals

*   Practise the skills
*   Expect to perform up to your current abilities
*   Be in good physical condition
*   Measure success in terms of your goals (not in terms of winning)
*   Use positive self-talk
*   Act confidently
*   Trust yourself
*   Embrace competition – it is the reward for practice
*   Mistakes happen – learn to deal with disappointment
*   Persevere.

Our club owns a DVD called “Coaching Lawn Bowls – The New Zealand Way”.
It is a “must see” for all new bowlers and those wanting to improve their bowling. It demonstrates correct technique, shows bowling strategies to practise and illustrates common faults.
Please contact any of the executive if you want to borrow the DVD.

Trial Ends.

You are allowed trial ends before the game. They are played on the same rink and the number of bowls used will be the same as to be used in the game. Each player can use any combination of bowls taken from different sets of bowls. The opponents of the team that started the first trial end should start the second. When the bowls stop on the head they should be removed and put “out of play.”

Law 18 Trial Ends:
Before the start of play in any game, or before continuing an unfinished game on another day, one trial end should be played in each direction.
For domestic play, the Controlling Body can limit the number of trial ends to be played (no trial ends or one trial end in one direction). It can also decide whether the trial ends are played immediately before or immediately after the scheduled start time for the game.
Trial ends should be played on the same rink that the game will be played on.
Each player should not use more than the number of bowls being used during the game. Each player can use any combination of bowls taken from different sets of bowls.
The opponents of the team which started the first trial end should start the second trial end. The team which starts the trial end should place the mat, deliver the jack and place the jack on the centre line of the rink at a distance they choose from the mat line (the distance should not be changed during the course of the trial end).
When each bowl comes to rest, any player or the marker can remove it and place it towards the front ditch. If a bowl moves the jack, the jack should be put back to its former position.

Dress appropriately and ensure that you know the dress code for each game or match in which you are participating. Do not show disrespect for your opponent(s) by arriving late, ensure that you leave sufficient time to change before the game and have your equipment ready. If you are representing the club on another bowling green you should remember that you are an ambassador for your own bowling club. Behave appropriately.