Club History. Part 5.

This brief history of the St. Albans-Merivale Bowling Club is covered under these sections.
*  The First Years
*   Hard Times
*   Women’s Section
*   The Golden Years
*   Amalgamation

MuzzaWeb is indebted to Phil O’Malley in allowing his publication, “Hawkesbury Green” to be used as a source of information.





Moving towards amalgamation of the men’s and women’s sections of the St. Albans Bowling Club coincided with with the building of a new pavilion, a busy time indeed.
In May, 1993, the Roadshow came to Christchurch and highlighted the benefits of combining men’s and women’s bowls. This was something that the St. Albans Bowling Club already knew; that a club functions better when men and women are working together as equal partners and contributing their unique and differing talents.
As a follow up the executive appointed a panel of three members, male, to have meetings over a period of 12 months with the women’s section regarding amalgamation.
It was officially amalgamated in 1996.
Oct. 1996:  First combined social committee met and decide responsibility for several things.
*  Christmas social
*  Opening and closing days and end of year function
*  Social hours
*  Winter social
*  Twilight triples
*  Special birthdays
*  Bus and overseas trips
In the 1995 AGM report the then chairman reported, “A bowling club isn’t just about playing bowls. To build a good club spirit we need to socialize and enjoy one another’s company on and off the green.”
Carefully designed steps to implement full amalgamation.
1]  Draft copies of new constitution and club administrative responsibilities circulated.
2]  Draft copies to 1996 women’s May AGM and club June AGM for approval.
3]  Normal election procedures took place and the 1996 – 97 season functioned as usual.
4]  When registered the new constitution would see representatives from men’s and women’s executive select the various subcommittees as set out in the new administrative document.
For the balance of the 1996 – 97 season the combined executive would govern the club.
5]  21 Aug., 1996, the two executives met and officers were appointed for thee upcoming season.
President:   Gordon Whale                   Vice President:   Dorothy Spooner, women                   Vice President   Val Smith,  men

In his message at the start of the 1996 – 97 season, President Gordon Whale said, “We have completed the formalities of amalgamation and look forward to many seasons of enjoyable bowling together.”