Club History. Part 4

This brief history of the St. Albans-Merivale Bowling Club is covered under these sections.
*  The First Years
*   Hard Times
*   Women’s Section
*   The Golden Years
*   Amalgamation

MuzzaWeb is indebted to Phil O’Malley in allowing his publication, “Hawkesbury Green” to be used as a source of information.




In the late 1950s there were signs that a new age was dawning for the club.
The Golden Years.  1963 – 78.

T. J. Edmonds.
A member of the club for 44 years and a member who represented the club with great distinction in both provincial and national level.
1969 – 1976:   Four placings in the Nationals.
1987:    Became a life member.




Wally Wilkinson was a N.Z. representative in 1968. W. R. Wilkinson and W. Hartley. N.Z. pairs title, 1970.





B. W. Sinclair, a N. Z. representative.

One of the club’s greatest bowlers winning club and Canterbury titles and represented Canterbury during the 1970s.
His best bowling performances were at national level where he gained five placings. In 1971 he was selected for the New Zealand team to compete in the World Bowling Tournament in England.



1963 – 1978  Canterbury Centre Titles.
1963   Champion of champion pairs   A. N. Duff W. J. Cogswell
1964   Open singles   E. C. Colville
1967   Champion of champion singles   W. R. Wilkinson
1967   Centre Easter Fours   A. Hughes W. R. Wilkinson H. Hartley W. J. Cogswell [skip] 1968   Open singles   W. R. Wilkinson
1968   Open pairs   A. Hughes W. J. Cogswell [skip] 1969   Open pairs   W. J. Cole W. R. Fleming
1971   Champion of champion singles   W. R. Wilkinson
1971   Centre Easter Fours   A. Hughes W. R. Wilkinson H. Hartley W. J. Cogswell [skip] 1972   Champion of champion pairs   N. Brosnan and P. Butts [skip] 1972   Robinson Shield   M. Graham M. Ryan G. Meech A. Campbell [skip] 1975   Champion of champion pairs   T. J. Edmonds and B. W. Sinclair
1976   Centre four fours title   St. Albans Bowling Club
During the 1970s the Redpath Shield and the Rothmans Competition were the interprovincial contests. Eleven St. Albans’ players were chosen to represent Canterbury.
1972   Redpath Shield. N. Brosnan P. Butts W. J. Cogswell E. C. Colville T. J. Edmonds H. Hartley B. W Sinclair
1975   B. W. Sinclair and T. J. Edmonds were selected in the Rothmans fours team
1976   Selected for the Rothmans Competition P. Butts G. Craig T. J. Edmonds S. Fearon B. W. Sinclair
1978   Selected as centre representatives T. J. Edmonds W. J. Cogswell A. Hughes S. Whiteford

National Level Success.
1968   W. R. Wilkinson   3rd singles
1968   W. R. Wilkinson selected in NZ team for World Bowls in South Africa
1969   T. J. Edmonds and B. W. Sinclair  pairs runners up
1969   B. W. Sinclair  L. R. Muirson  T. J. Edmonds  W. R. Wilkinson  3rd fours
1970   Pairs title.   W. R. Wilkinson and W. Hartley
1971   B. W. Sinclair  P. A. Hughes  W. J. Cogswell   W. R. Wilkinson  fours runners up
1971   B. W. Sinclair selected in the N.Z. bowling team to compete in England
1971   B. W. Sinclair [s] and W. R. Wilkinson third in the national pairs
1974   P. K. [Kerry] Clarke in NZ fours gold medal winning team
1975   T. J. Edmonds  runner up   Dominion singles
1975   T. J. Edmonds selected as a member of the South Island team
1976   T. J. Edmonds, J. W. Schultz, H. W. van Dalsum and B. W. Sinclair [s] 3rd= Dominion Fours

1964  June 4  New pavilion opened   Some indoor bowls played until September  New kitchen area built later in the year.
1965  Feb. 13   Trip to Allenton   First of many games played for the Haines Cup.
1967  Women raised funds for shelters
1968   Wahine storm solved the problem of what to do with the second storey when it became so severely damaged that it had to be removed.

It took some years before members could have a civilized glass of wine or beer after a game of bowls.1969  A motion to have permission to drink on the club premise between 5.0 – 6.30pm was lost. A “breakthrough” came in November when the executive gave permission to operate a bar during the Dominion Bowling Tournament.
1971  Executive decided there could be sales of beer after the completion of matches but only under strict control of the executive. [No loud noise and a reasonable finishing time.] A social room built at the end of the indoor bowling pavilion and was opened in 1973.
During the “hot summer” of 1974 some members were warned that it was not permissible to bring liquor onto the club premises other than that organized by the executive. There are many stories of members wandering nonchalantly into the locker room carrying precious flagons of home brew and storing it in lockers.
1976  Debonair Ale Dispenser purchased and an ancillary liquor licence was granted.


Large jugs 70c

Small jugs 45c.

Bacardi 35c


Gin and other spirits 30c

Whisky 35c