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25 – 3 – 19
Pete Smith’s Monday Mob v The Club.
This annual game had a special factor to it this year. It was the first time the Gary Seear Trophy was played for.
Tane Norton with Julie Seear and daughter Jamelia. Tane, a former playing mate of Gary, presented the trophy to Julie who in turn presented it to Elmwood Park representative Neil Johnstone as the winner of the games tonight.
Elmwood Park won the tournament by 6 – 0.
Monday Mob organizer Pete Smith speaking to the participants following the games.
Pete’s Monday Mob has been going for more than ten years. A popular event they are looking for new members.
Some interesting game features.
*  The club bowlers have to use club bowls.
*  Final 3 ends the losing team has a power play
*  Jack is just placed.
*  No killed ends, jack placed on the 2m mark.
19 – 3 – 19

Congratulations to Gary Lawson who will be Elmwood Park’s sole representative who was selected to represent Canterbury at the National Intercentre beginning this Thursday in Auckland.

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1 – 2 – 19
A joyous yet sad occasion as Jonathan Flint was farewelled by the club before his departure to China.
Jonathan began bowling in 1983 and was a member of Fendalton, Burnside and Spreydon before joining the Elmwood Club in 2004 – 5, a decision he said he has never regretted.
He has 18 club titles in total, 5 at Elmwood [Park] and has 2 Canterbury titles.
The Elmwood Parl Bowling Club will miss Jonathan but wish him all the best in the coming years. He assured the attending members he would return to Elmwood Park when his time in China is over.

Inside Bowls. Click on the bowl to access this very good magazine. [March 2019 edition]


Congratulations Gary.



Double world champ recalled to national squad after long absence.
Click on the photo to read the article on the Bowls New Zealand website

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10 – 12 – 18
Elmwood Park received the Gold Club Check.
Pam Phair, club president, receiving the certificate from Bowls New Zealand’s Lorraine McLeod.
ClubCheck is Bowls NZ’s best practice club assessment tool designed to improve club capability and sustainability. Its scope covers all aspects of the club’s operations including planning and implementation, financial management, volunteer management, community involvement, on green activities and off green operating processes.
ClubCheck assessments are conducted by an external assessor and successful clubs can achieve Bronze, Silver or Gold Awards which are valid for a two year period before revalidation is required.
Read Mark Cameron’s thoughts on the recent Bowls3five. Click on the BNZ icon.
     Winners. Point Chevalier Pirates.
26 – 11 – 18                         

Bowls  is changing. Not because it wants to but because it has to.
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Bowls revolution takes hold

25 – 2 – 18
The old Curves Gym at Donald Place has been replaced by zumba classes.

JB Anderson is a Christchurch-based Zumba instructor. Her love for dance lead on to Zumba, which is her ideal exercise. It’s about getting out, letting loose and having fun…toning up and losing weight are just side effects. Not only can anyone Zumba (We do mean anyone!) but everyone does so differently.

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Click here for JB’s facebook page.


23 – 2 – 18

New signage at Donald Place. Looks good too.



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